My AI Art Inspired By Sailor Moon and Runway Fashion Models

Two things that pair really well on are Sailormoon and Runway model. Here are some of the images I made.

Naoko Takeuchi often used designer fashion as her inspiration for sailor moon. And these slight variations of sailor moon inspired fashion designs slay in both comic books and on the runway.

You can check out their website and try it for yourself. It’s art by robots based on the text prompts entered by people. Now everyone can be an artist regardless of skill talent or ability. I’m addicted to creating AI art

I’ve moved on to Photoleap now, but these were created last week using Dreamstudio. Dreamstudio is nice, but Photoleap is more affordable if you’re going to be generating tons of images like me.

I’m still waiting for my Openai Dall-e-2 invite code. From what I’ve seen it’s the best AI art program right now. Can’t wait to try it. Until then, enjoy the below images.

You’ll see a few bonus Pokemon Runway Models here – it didn’t work quite as well as Sailor Moon.

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