My AI Artwork Inspired By Lisa Frank and Sailor Moon

My AI Artwork Inspired By Lisa Frank and Sailor Moon

I’ve recently become obsessed with creating art generated by artificial intelligence using programs like artbreeder and more recently, dreamstudio.

AI art is not perfect. It sometimes is hilariously awful or nightmare inducing. But sometimes its damn beautiful. Even when it has like five arms or a leg coming out of its ear. Hey, it worked for Picaso! Sometimes the extra arms plus anime like vibes give me feels of ancient gods like Vishnu or similar which works fine too.

I am on the waiting list for Dall-e-2 which I think has gotten better at arms, hands and faces.

Dall-e 1 is now Crayion and it is EXTREMELY nightmare inducing lol.

For these images in this post, I used Dreamstudio and referenced Lisa Frank and Sailor Moon. The results are for the most part actually beautiful.

I’ve become so addicted to creating AI art that there is no possible way to fit them all here in this gallery. I will be breaking this post up into multiple pages to help ease the server burden and make it easier for you to see all the awesome artwork.

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For now, here is the first Image Gallery