Humble Bundle Birthday Sale = Free or Heavily Discounted Games for You!

Humble Bundle just kicked off their annual birthday celebration which will run for the next 11 days featuring hundreds of discounted digital PC games from both AAA studios and indie developers. Some of the savings are up to 75 or even 90% off. In fact, they’re even giving you a free game just for visiting the website and registering or logging into your account.

Check back each day for new deals!

And don’t forget to claim your free copy of Dirt 3 Complete Edition

Some of my favorite deals today include:

75% off Prison Architect

50% off Crypt of the Necro Dancer

75% off Evoland 2

70% off Xenonauts

10% off Dead Age

85% off Deponia the Complete Journey

70% off Guacamelee

50% off Tabletop Simulator

80% off the Vanishing of Ethan Carter

75% off 30 Half-minute Hero

80% off Never Alone

77% off Octodad

And dozens more — and those are just today’s deals; tomorrow will roll out dozens of new deals – and the next day after that, for 11 more days!

Visit to see what’s on sale today

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