HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift Pros and Cons

I put together a quick little list of my research on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift – I don’t have hands on experience yet, because I’m poor, and my blog is not popular enough to score me sweet free demo equipment LOL. — But I’m very interested in these – especially the Rift.

In my opinion, I’d buy the Oculus Rift because 1.) Exclusive Games – though it’s early days still, it’s estimated the Oculus Rift will have far more exclusives than the HTC Vive – I kinda view these headsets as actual gaming platforms (though they’re not because they still require a PC to play) – and we all know the most important thing in “living room gaming” is not the specs under the hood (which in the case of the Vive and Rift are pretty equal) – but instead, the importance has always been on Exclusives. — It’s why I have no console bias – If a console has a great exclusive that I want, I will buy the console. Now granted, these headsets are more expensive than a traditional console, but they’re also a lot more technologically advanced under the hood.

The other main benefit of the Rift is that it (supposedly) is much more comfortable than the Vive. This is a huge issue for anyone who does 6-8 hours of gaming a day or in one session (which I think most “gamers” do).

But their price point does make it so that one has to “pick a side” — unless one has a lot of money or one works in the gaming industry and gets products to review for free. So in the interest of helping you to pick a side, I’ve compiled some of my research here for you. I hope that it will be helpful for you.

Oculus Rift Pros:

  • Lighter Weight 1.03 lbs vs 1.2lbs
  • Sleeker Design
  • Includes (removable) headphones
  • Expected to host more exclusive games
  • 360-degree positional head tracking
  • Price $600 vs $799
  • Easy Setup in 10 minutes or Less
  • Great for apartments or tiny living spaces
  • Several sources have cited that the Oculus is much more comfortable on the face (probably due to the lighter weight)
  • Comes with two actual full games for free bundled with the headset (compared to just some mini games on the Vive)

Oculus Rift Cons:

  • No adjustable screen distance
  • No Ability to connect to phone to display and answer messages
  • No Safety Measures to Prevent You from Running into Walls or Tripping over furniture
  • No Augmented Reality
  • VR Space is limited to 5ft X 11ft compared to 15X15ft tracking on the Vive
  • Controllers will cost $150 – $200 Making the price difference of the headset moot.
  • Designed to be played while sitting down (less immersive experience)

HTC Vive Pros:

  • Chaperon Safety System via front facing camera to prevent you from bumping into objects
  • Screen can be adjusted further or closer to your face via an adjustable knob
  • Able to connect to phone via bluetooth to answer calls and messages
  • The controllers are already available — and included for free with the headset
  • Designed to be played while walking around (more immersive)

HTC Vive Cons:

  • Heavier Weight 1.21 lbs vs 1.03 lbs
  • Bulkier Design
  • Expected to have fewer exclusive games
  • When the Oculus Touch arrives it will probably be better than the HTC controllers
  • Price: $799 vs $600
  • More complex setup and installation
  • Requires a lot of space for actually playing the games – not ideal for apartments, tiny homes, or mobile homes
  • Several sources cite that the Vive is not as comfortable as the Rift – probably due to the extra weight.
  • Comes bundled with some minigames to show off motion-control – but ultimately not as fun as the games bundled with the Rift.

Equal Footing:

  • Both are Tethered Devices (cords everywhere)
  • Neither Require a Phone (such as Samsung gear or google cardboard)
  • Both Require a high power Windows PC (Expensive and still an extra component)
  • Both are powered by two OLED panels that combine for a 2160 x 1200 resolution. That means each eye has its own 1080 x 1200 resolution
  • Both have a 90Hz refresh rate
  • Both have 110 degree field of view


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