Hello Kitty World 2 Game For Girls Review

Today I’m here to tell you about another cute game for girls because that’s what I do. Let’s talk about Hello Kitty World 2, a free mobile game for IOS and Android smartphones. Hello Kitty World 2 is a theme park management simulation game. In Japan, there actually is a Hello Kitty World theme park. So I assume this game aims to bring the rides, attractions, Sanrio mascots, cute food, and clothes and accessories from the real world theme park into this game.

You start the game by selecting from your “favorite” (of only 3 at first) Sanrio characters to be your guide. I chose Pompompurin. Don’t worry, more characters, and buildings, and features will unlock as you level up. Initially, there isn’t much to do, but quickly the gameplay begins to expand. Gameplay includes many features once you reach certain levels.

Here are some of the key gameplay features of Hello Kitty World 2:

  • Build your own theme park with rides, shops, decorations, etc
  • Make cute food to complete quests
  • Dressup your avatar
  • Dressup your partner sanrio characters
  • Play the gacha to win rare limited edition items
  • Fashion battles (I haven’t gotten far enough yet – you have to be level 30 and I’m only level 22)
  • Visit other players theme parks
  • Vote for your favorite sanrio characters for future in-game items
  • Expand your map and unlock new maps to keep building more things
  • Possibly additional features I have yet to unlock

Here’s how I would rate Hello Kitty World 2

Geeky: 2/5 – If you ever played the retro game, Themepark Tycoon or Roller Coaster tycoon or any of the newer indie park sim games, you’ll love this. However, the gameplay is more simplistic. You can’t actually lay the track of your own roller coaster, the guests don’t queue in line, you can’t make food extra salty, to sell more drinks, or adjust how much ice is in the drink, you can’t hire/fire park staff, or fix broken down rides and attractions. Gameplay is simple and it’s a casual game, but the spirit of Themepark Tycoon is still there.

Sweetie: 5/5 – This is so cute. The gacha items are cute. The rides are cute. The food is cute. The avatars are cute. The decorations and stores are cute. The mascots are cute. Who doesn’t love Sanrio? So cute!

Gameplay: 7/10 – Well I kinda covered this above in many places, but gameplay consists of building your own theme park, decorating the theme park, selling cute food, playing the gacha, and fashion battles. I can’t give it perfect marks because compared to other theme park management games, the gameplay is really lacking. As I mentioned, there’s no hiring/firing staff, no fixing broken rides, no laying your own roller coaster tracks, etc. But it’s still a fun game with a few surprise features. The dressup features make up a little bit for the lack of actual theme park management features.

Graphics: 10/10 – There are so many cute and diverse gacha items for your avatar and your park. Everything is Sanrio and super kawaii.

Story: 0/10 – Uhh there’s no story? LOL. They could have had some type of story at least, but they don’t.

Characters 10/10 – All of them are favorite Sanrio characters and fans can vote for new characters in the game, and you can even dress each of the Sanrio characters too, as well as your avatar.

Music: 5/10 – It’s cute and soft, and dream like music. It’s a nice background but not ground breaking.

Voice Acting: N/A

Replay Value: 10/10 – It takes a long time to unlock content – and it’s a slow paced game… so be prepared for a long haul.

Cute: 10/10 – to help pad the score some, I think it needs repeated just how cute this game is

Gacha: 10/10 – Get limited items for your park and your avatar

Dressup: 10/10 – new items each month. LOTS of hair and face options. Lots of skin tones – and you can dressup all of the Sanrio characters too!!

Sanrio: 10/10 – Do you love Sanrio? This is the game for you!

Overall: 89/110 81% B- “Very Good Game For Girls”

If you like Hello Kitty and Sanrio, be sure to check out Hello Kitty World II. This game is so cute it might give you cavities. Speaking of cavities, one of the big draws of the game is cute Hello Kitty shaped food and beverages. From what I understand, that’s also one of the big draws of the actual real life amusement park. Also I hear the real life park is quite small and only takes about a half day to see/ride everything. All of the rides are kid friendly and not very thrilling. Most people go to Hello Kitty World in Japan to buy exclusive Sanrio merchandise, take photos with various Sanrio mascots, eat and drink some cute Sanrio shaped food and beverages, and watch a stage show with all of the Sanrio characters.

I was supposed to go to Japan last year, had already bought airfare and hotel, but then BOOM Coronavirus came into the world, and my dream was crushed. It’s been my life long dream… And sadly, Japan is not doing well at containing and controlling this virus and dead last in the entire world in percentage of people vaccinated. The news said it’s only 1%. They’re thinking they won’t hold the Olympics this year, and people are still on lockdowns and shortened work weeks. So I don’t know when… or if…. I will ever get to go to Japan. Maybe not in this lifetime.

I’m turning 40…. in a few weeks…. I would like to go to Japan while I’m still young and healthy enough for lots of walking, and to not be like 80 and wandering around Hello Kitty World and Tokyo Disney / Disney Sea. I don’t have children yet, and I don’t know if god has that in his plans for me. I’m already what they consider geriatric pregnancy and at risk for all kinds of birth defects plus dangers to myself and potential babies. I am getting married in 3 months and it’s definitely something I think about.

I don’t have the most patience in the world. Crying kids in restaurants make me cringe. People in general annoy me LOL. The thought of actually physically giving birth sounds painful and horrifying. Changing diapers and messes in general, not very fun sounding for sure…

But on the other hand, having someone that loves me, shaping another human being to be the best human being it can be, watching them grow, and achieve their own dreams, that’s pretty cool. I have no brothers, no sisters, no cousins living within thousands of miles. I have a 60 something year old mother and an 80 something year old grandmother – they aren’t going to be around forever…. that makes me want to have kids and a big family. I don’t want to be alone – that’s not a good reason to have kids though probably.

I want to have kids to experience life through their eyes, to see how excited they are at christmas, or their first day of school, their first love, their college graduation. And someone to share life with, go on vacations with. To the beach, or the pool, or even just out to the mall for a mommy / daughter (or son) date. Ideally, my children would share at least one or more of my hobbies (but maybe not, I don’t share any of my mom or grandma’s hobbies haha).

Maybe some day I will have kids, and take them to Hello Kitty World in Japan, and we’ll buy a bunch of Sanrio merchandise and eat Sanrio shaped food and beverages. We’ll watch the Sanrio stage play, and if my kid is still young they will think all the mascots are real life Sanrio characters and not just people in costumes. We’ll take cute pictures and make fun memories.

Maybe we’ll play video games, or they’ll collect dolls with me, or help me set up and take photographs of my dolls. Maybe they’ll learn to sew or do faceups or make wigs and spoil me with their handmade gifts for my dolls at Mother’s day.

Maybe it’s because I’m turning 40 in a few weeks and mother’s day is tomorrow and I’m getting married in 3 months, but kids are definitely on my mind a lot.

Maybe my future hypothetical kids that will probably never exist, because on top of everything else, I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome, but maybe they will be more like their father, into sports and have not a single geeky bone in their body. LOL.

Or maybe they would be their own unique and wonderful person with their own unique hobbies, ideas, and interests. Or maybe I’ll adopt.

Or maybe I’ll be 80 when I go to Japan with no children and no grand children and no living family remaining. Hopefully my fiance will still be alive and we’ll take cute old people photos and everyone can look at us weird, but we won’t care, because we’re still in love, after 40 years of marriage.

Or maybe I’ll get to go to Japan next year. I’m fat, and it works in my favor. I have very large cheeks. No botox needed. I only have one wrinkle. It’s on my forehead and I wear bangs and so it never shows. I have eyebags, which are the literal bane of my existence, but asian countries think eyebags are cute anyways so not bad over there. I could probably pass for someone in their thirties, or even late twenties. I look young still. Being fat has it’s perks sometimes LOL. I have friends like 7 and 8 years younger than me that look much older than me. My fat cheeks give me a super youthful appearance. If I could just get rid of my eyebags. I tried Plexaderm and it works, but it’s really uncomfortable. It makes the skin extremely tight lol.

Regardless whenever – if ever – I go to Japan – I definitely want to go to the real life Sanrio Hello Kitty World amusement park and spend hundreds of dollars on exclusive Sanrio merchandise.

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