A Guide to an Online Casino Utan Licens

Have you recently become interested in online gambling? This trend is gradually taking over the world, as people find it more convenient to play poker or blackjack without going anywhere. 

Nowadays, most gambling enthusiasts try to figure out the difference between online casinos with and without a Swedish license. Since the introduction of the gaming regulations in 2019 in Sweden, some players gamble in Swedish casinos, whereas others visit foreign gambling sites. While both variants are legal, there are differences in profit taxes, bonuses, VIP programs, game breaks, etc. 

The comprehensive guide below will help you understand the concept of online casinos without a license. 

What is a casino with no Swedish license?

Casinos without a Swedish license, as the name explains, refer to online gambling websites that haven’t obtained a gaming license in Sweden. Even though these providers aren’t licensed in this country, it doesn’t necessarily mean these are illegal. A gaming license can be issued in other countries like the UK, Curacao, Malta, etc. 

Online gambling has existed for many years before the introduction of the Swedish Gaming Act in 2019. Consequently, gaming licenses can be issued in many countries where this practice is legal. Nevertheless, the Swedish government decided to introduce this gaming license for the purpose of preventing Swedes from playing at foreign gambling sites. These websites pay neither license fees nor taxes in Sweden, which doesn’t benefit the government in any way. 

Although it’s completely legal for Swedes to play at casinos without a Swedish license, the Swedish gaming inspectorate does everything in its power to make the experience challenging for players. There is a multitude of casinon utan licens offering a high level of security and a vast game selection. While these casinos are incredibly attractive to players, the Swedish government tries to discourage players from playing at foreign sites by blocking their IP addresses, deposits, or freezing transactions. 

Is it safe?

As mentioned above, online gambling has been practiced long before the government in Sweden decided to make such sites legal. Hence, online casinos in Malta or the United Kingdom are considered completely safe as long as these are licensed by their respective gaming commissions. EU gaming licenses are known to be more reliable than those issued overseas, like in Curacao. 

Irrespective of the country you choose, the validity of the gaming license should always be checked. When visiting a gambling site, it’s vital for you to read the terms and conditions of the provider and look for the license number. The gaming authority logo issuing the permit should be stamped on the document. 

Another way to check the safety of these websites without a license is by checking the security of payments. You are expected to recognize the offered payment solutions, as reputable payment companies only collaborate with trusted sites. Also, you should check whether the site is encrypted, which is a sign of good security. 

The biggest mistake a player can make is playing on an unlicensed gaming site. Online casinos with no license at all should be avoided. These sites aren’t encrypted and offer no common payment methods. In most cases, players don’t receive their winnings from rogue casinos and have nowhere to complain about it. Click here to gain a better insight into encryption and the way it works. 

Do you have to pay tax?

As far as tax is concerned, the requirements of casinos without a Swedish license depend on the country where these are based. In order to avoid paying tax on your profits, you have to play at gambling sites registered in the EEA (European Economic Area), such as those licensed in Great Britain and Malta. The site shouldn’t be targeted at Swedish players, which can be easily checked by looking for certain signs. 

For instance, it’s crucial for the website not to have a Swedish version or offer payments in kronor. Also, the logo of the gaming inspectorate in Sweden shouldn’t be included anywhere on the site. In contrast, overseas gambling houses, like those licensed in Curacao, oblige players to pay thirty percent tax on their winnings over a 100 kronor. 

Moreover, tax can be avoided solely by playing games at a casino registered in the EEA and targeting no Swedish players. For example, when gambling at a Maltese online casino aimed at Swedes, you will be considered taxable. The same goes when gambling at sites licensed in Cyprus. Anyhow, players are tax-free when the casino has no focus on Sweden and has an EEA license. 

What is the difference between a casino with a Swedish and foreign license?

There are multiple factors that make a distinction between casinos with a Swedish permit and those with a foreign one. The main differences refer to the rules and limitations of these sites. When playing slot games on a Swedish gambling site, you must wait three seconds between the rounds, which isn’t the case on foreign sites. 

Perhaps the most important difference between Swedish and foreign online casinos is the gambling break available to players in the former. The opportunity to take such a break allows players to stay in control of their game. By deciding to take a break, you’ll be suspended from gambling for a while. See this article, https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/HealthyLiving/gambling-how-to-change-your-habits, for some helpful tips on changing your gambling habits.

Additionally, the bonuses that players can win in Swedish online casinos aren’t higher than a hundred kronor. Conversely, foreign gambling houses usually have no limitations in view of the bonus amounts. It’s worth remembering that Maltese casinos might not approve bonuses to players from Sweden. Curacao gambling sites, however, are famous for their large bonuses. 

In terms of VIP programs, gaming regulations in Sweden have excluded VIP programs from online casinos. Also, these programs are unavailable in Maltese gambling houses. Only Curacao casinos still allow participation in VIP programs. 

Final thoughts

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a Swedish or foreign gambling site, provided it’s safe and licensed!