Dandelion Wishes Brought to You
Dandelion Wishes Brought to You

Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You Review


Title: Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You

Genre: Otome, Visual Novel, Dating Sim, Raising Sim

Platform: PC or Mac

Publisher: Cheritz

Release Date: August 2012

Languages: Korean or English (text)

Get the Demo Or Purchase the Full Version Here: http://dl.cheritz.com

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Story: A young girl in her new apartment discovers a basket full of abandoned animals and decides to take them in and raise them as her own; however, these are no ordinary animals. These animals have the power to transform into human-like creatures with animal ears. Now her once quiet life is about to change as she shares her home with these strange men.

Gameplay: This is standard visual novel and otome gameplay here. For those unfamiliar with the genre, it’s less like a game, and more like an interactive book or movie. At certain points, the player is presented choices, and they must select one to move the game forward. Choices effect how characters around you respond and ultimately shape the story to your liking and present you with several different endings. In addition to different endings, this style of gameplay allows for you to see different bits and pieces of the story that you missed before, making for a highly replayable and enjoyable experience. It’s a different game each time you play. In addition to the standard visual novel gameplay, Dandelion also features a stat raising aspect where you must balance your character’s mental and physical growth to help her unlock more of the story and grow closer to the characters.

Concept: I really enjoyed this concept for a game. I think about all of the embarrassing things we do everyday in front of our pets, or how we tell them our innermost thoughts and feelings, therefore, I could easily relate to the feelings of the heroine as her relationship with her pets began to change. I’m sure we’ve all thought or even wished for our animals to be able to talk, but what happens if that wish really comes true? We might not like what they have to say or their attitudes.

Characters: Each animal has a very distinct personality. In what little I could see in the brief demo, it seems like they are multi-dimensional and full of depth. They each have secrets as well. The game’s tagline warns you that things are not as they appear. The mystery behind each character and their unique personalities, from shy, to flirty, to aloof, make me want to keep playing the game to learn more about each character.

Graphics: Really high production values make this game a pleasure to play. The quality of the artwork is simply stunning. The characters are so cute and the environments and backgrounds are also very detailed.

Music: Overall, I enjoyed the soundtrack, some of the songs became a bit repetitive at times, but not to the point of becoming overly annoying.

Voice Acting: I felt the voice acting was top notch. I’m used to hearing Korean voices in numerous Korean dramas, and personally, I like how Korean sounds over English or even Japanese voices. So for me, I loved the voice acting in this game very much. There is a lot of voice acting, though perhaps “fully voiced” is not the correct term, as cheritz describes it as “partially voiced”. I would say over 80% of the dialogue is voiced. (at least in the demo).

Final Scores:

Story: 10/10

Concept: 10/10

Gameplay: 7/10

Characters: 8/10

Graphics: 10/10

Music 6/10

Voice Acting: 9/10

Overall: 86% B “Very Good Game For Girls”