Sony Vaio Fit 14 Inch Pink Laptop Preview

pinkvaiofitThe Sony Vaio 14 E will soon become my next new laptop. The features that appeal to me are the pink color, the light weight, small, portable size, and the full customization options, which make it a viable gaming rig, all at an affordable price point. Starting at just $579 for their base model, and only $1239 for a fully loaded system.


Geeky Sweetie’s “Sweet Spot”: We take into account price and performance to present our recommended specs.pinkvaiofit3

Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 740M w/ Optimus (1GB) + Intel® HD Graphics 4400 hybrid graphics [ $50.00 ]

pinkvaiofit4 Processor: 4th gen Intel® Core™ i5-4200U (1.60GHz / 2.60GHz with Turbo Boost) [ $100.00 ]

Ram: 6GB (4GB x1 + 2GB x1) DDR3L-1600MHz [ $30.00 ]

Final Price with our “Sweet Spot” configuration is just a mere $759 bucks. That is a real bargain for the latest nvidia chipset inside a small, incredibly cute, ultra light notebook. There is no extra cost for the pink color, it is available as a standard color option. It also comes in silver or black, but where’s the fun in that? 🙂

Bottom Line: If you can swing $1200 for the fully loaded options, this thing is a beast. It can be upgraded to an i7 3.3ghz processor, 16 gb of ram, the latest nvidia graphics card and a 750 gb solid state drive.

Geeky Factor: geekygeekygeekygeeky

Sweetie Factor: sweetiesweetiesweetiesweetiesweetie

The laptop itself has some nifty features and bells and whistles such as an “always on” technology which eliminates the need to ever turn off your machine.

If you’re looking for something capable of playing games on medium or low settings, and something very stylish, eyecatching, and slim and lightweight, this laptop can easily do that even on less than “loaded” configurations. Our “Sweet Spot” Configurations should be capable of playing most games on medium settings.

I currently own an alienware and am looking for something with less power with the trade off being something much lighter and portable. My alienware is over 13 lbs, while the Sony Vaio 14 is just under 4lbs. That’s a big difference! And since I play mostly older, 2d, indie style games, I don’t need all the power of an alienware. Plus the Vaio is just so cute! Look at it! 🙂

I don’t currently own a vaio. Have never owned a sony laptop before, and therefore, I can not comment on their tech support, actual performance, fan noise, heat levels, ability to view monitor from different angles, in different lighting, etc.

If I do decide to purchase this puppy, I will be back to write a full review. Until then, hope you have enjoyed the preview! In the meantime, You can have a look at small gaming laptop from razor blade brand that offers amazing features in gaming that you cannot resist to play.