Cencilia Fashion Fantasy Free Cute Anime Dressup Otome Mobile Game For Girls

Today I am reviewing Cencilia Fashion Fantasy for IOS Apple and Google Mobile Phones. I’ve had this wonderful game on my phone for awhile now, but unbelievably had never even played it until about an hour ago. So needless to say, I’m very early into this game.

This game is developed by Cocone. They have a bad track record in the United States which makes me wary of spending real life money on this game. I spent probably close to $100 on Pokemini before it shut down its US servers – and I had to start over on their Japanese game Pokecolo – without any of the items I purchased. So it left a bad taste in my mouth for this company…. Also not by this same company, but the same thing happened with Cocoppa Dolls – which broke my heart.

With that said… Everything about Cencilia Fashion Fantasy is just pure magic brilliance 10/10. It’s truly amazing and a wonderful game for anyone who enjoys games such as Cocoppa Play, Line Play, Nikki, Dream Girlfriend, etc. Like all those other games we’ve reviewed here, the gameplay in Cencilia is all about dressup! And it’s so cute!!

Unlike Cocone’s other dressup games, Cencilia Fashion Fantasy uses full size very detailed Live 2D animated avatars. And as you level up, the possibilities are endless. You can keep layering multiple outfits and you can add more layers the higher your level goes. Making unique one of a kind looks is Cencilia Fashion Fantasy true brilliance. And some of the items are so cute! I’ve come into the game late so I’ve missed some previous gacha items that are utterly adorable. But under just an hour of playing, I’ve gotten quite a few gacha items myself!

There’s standard gacha that refresh for a free play each day, and then there’s limited event gacha that come and go for a limited time that can be played with either the free in game currency or cash.

The story in Cencilia Fashion Fantasy really amazes me and fascinates me, since I collect Dollfie Dream, Smart Dolls, Obitsu, Azone, and Asian Balljointed Dolls. The story in Cencilia focuses on a kingdom of dolls who come to life. Also it focuses on average school life of the main character and her friends who join a fashion club and on fashion battles.

I don’t think I have all of the gameplay features unlocked yet, but from what I can see so far, gameplay revolves around collecting cute pieces of clothing and accessories, dressing up, going through story and quests to get more items, battling NPCs by putting together themed outfits, and I think eventually voting and competing against other online players.

The graphics in Cencilia Fashion Fantasy are to die for. There’s every kind of accessory imagineable, from pets, to starbucks, to nail polish, to jewelry, expensive looking glamorous evening gowns, or cute animal print sweaters, cute and sweet pastel lolita, or fierce warrior princess, the options are endless.

The quality of the graphics is truly amazing. I love the soft painterly style that gives everything a cute kawaii pastel dreamlike vibe like truly stepping into an amazing fantasy world. Of course, everything is done in a shoujo anime style.

This game captures my heart and imagination, and just might capture my wallet. It’s dangerously cute!! Too much Kawaii up in here, yo!

There is a little bit of Japanese voice acting but really it seems more lines could have/should have been voiced. Your doll “Lime” (thats his/her name) seems to have most of the voiced lines, plus the characters in your fashion club, but the queen of dolls for example is not voiced even though I’m pretty sure she’s Saya (the leader of your club back in ordinary school life).

The gacha rates seem very generous. I only spent 99 cents – less than a dollar, for a starter pack. Also every new player gets one free gacha spin – and it seems for this special free gacha you can keep spinning til you get the item you want because it asks you to confirm it after showing you what you won. Nice touch.

Let us hope this game survives longer than Pokemini. I thought Pokemini had a pretty big player base and lots of events and items, and then POOF it was just gone.

Fingers crossed for better days ahead for Cencilia Fashion Fantasy.

Check it out for free on Apple IOS or Google Play, or the official Cencilia Fashion Fantasy Website

Here’s My Score For Cencilia Fashion Fantasy

Overall: 87/100 87% B+ “Very Good Game For Girls”

Geeky: 3/5 – Gameplay seems more in depth than most fashion games, by letting you layer and create truly unique looks, but this is still a casual game for girls without combat (aside from Fashion battles) Production values – especially graphics are amazing.

Sweetie: 5/5 – What more could a girl ask for in a game? Cencilia Fashion Fantasy delivers everything. Cute graphics, Cute Story, Dressup, Customization, and More.

Gameplay – 10/10 – I haven’t unlocked everything yet, but from what I’ve seen there’s plenty of things to do, from reading story, to dressup, to completing quests, and even online competitions. You can also upgrade your fashion items, and layer multiple items for truly unique looks. Gacha rates seem better than most other Gacha games thus far.

Story: 7/10 – It’s not the best story I’ve ever read, but I really like the dolls coming to life bit. As a doll hobbyist and enthusiast this tickles my fancy very much. But the story and writing itself, well, they’re just average. On the plus side, aside from her name – I think it’s supposed to be Cecilia I’m guessing? – but aside from that, I haven’t seen any other typos or “Engrish”

Characters – 10/10 – Ah yeah love the characters 10 out of 10 – especially being able to create your own character. But all of the NPCs are cute too! And the online play lets you see what everyone else is doing with their character too.

Voice Acting: 5/10 – It’s good – but needs to be more lines that are voiced

Music 7/10 – Calming AF. It’s not loud or annoying or repetitive. After awhile I don’t even notice it. But that also means it’s not very memorable either.

Replay Value: 10/10 – With the gacha system, you’ll keep playing to collect new outfits especially since some are only available for a limited time. Gotta collect em all.

Customization: 10/10 – Layers change EVERYTHING #Gamechanger!! You can change the order of items, front and back, and equip more and more and more things as you level up. #WearAllTheThings – No other Fashion or Dressup Game on the market is doing this – at least not to this level. Dream Girlfriend has front and back accessories, but that’s only two layers. After one hour I can wear 7 layers already. And it says I will be unlocking more soon.

Kawaii: 10/10 – This might be the cutest game ever.

Personal Enjoyment: 10/10 – This might be my new favorite mobile game.

Overall: 87/100 87% B+ “Very Good Game For Girls”

The fact that Cencilia Fashion Fantasy is Free to Play means you have nothing to lose – but a lot of time! This game will pull you in! The cuteness will definitely tug at your heart strings. If cute shoujo anime is your thing, like it is mine, Cencilia Fashion Fantasy is a must play mobile game for girls of all ages.

It comes very close to breaking into our top 10 list of games for girls – Missing the mark by just 2%.

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