Miitopia Nintendo Switch Demo Review

Miitopia is a cute fun casual game that brings the DS classic to the Nintendo Switch with a few new additions. I will say, I wish that instead of Miitopia we were getting MiiTomo as I friggin loved that game – but maybe if Miitopia does well, MiiTomo might be next? Maybe not though as it was a mobile game. Ah rest in peace Miitomo. I actually wrote 2 reviews about my experiences in MiiTomo before Nintendo shut down the mobile game. Read my original Miitomo Review Here and the Updated Miitomo Review Here. I still miss Miitomo very much. RIP.

Miitopia incorporates the Mii’s and does a pretty good job of letting you customize their look. This new upgraded Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia has wigs and makeup and the makeup can be layered to create some rather interesting looks. The possibilities are endless. I even tried to make a Mii that looked like my cat (and kinda failed miserably, but lol).

I will say, less is probably more. I added lashes for days, and it was cute. I ran around like that for awhile, but then I added foundation, and lipstick, and eye shadow, and eventually I felt like a character on Ru Paul’s Drag Race haha. I eventually settled for just some small lashes and a little bit of eyeshadow because in real life, I almost never wear makeup.

I’ve only worn full on makeup twice in my whole life (turning 40 this month), otherwise I’m completely 100% bare faced like 85% of the time, or have only a drop of lip gloss or something on. I used to do my eyes, but I was never that good at it. I never do like contouring and stuff because I don’t know how lol. I’ll use concealer sometimes if I have a flare up in my rosacea but a lot of times I’m like MEH too lazy right. LOL. So having a Mii that looks like well ME, probably means I should do less makeup anyways haha.

I was able to create Miis that look ONE MILLION PERCENT like my fiance and my grandma. And that made me happy and gave me some awws and some giggles and all the warm fuzzies.

The demo is quite long. I feel like you could almost make a full game just from the Demo. Especially if your main draw to the game is customizing your Mii characters. Eventually you can have 4 Miis in your party in the Demo. I cast myself, my fiance, my grandma, and my cat lol. You can go back to revisit previous locations, get more gold, more food, more outfits, etc. so in a way, the demo is rather endless.

It’s fun and I enjoy it so I’ll still probably buy the full game, but I don’t see much need or reason to buy the full game because, unless you really like childish ridiculously funny campy humor, this game offers nothing story wise. You can max out relationships and unlock skills and get gear and everything right in the Demo.

There are other levels and probably more gear and whatever else in the full version. I hear there’s mounts and possibly pets in the full version. But overall, this Demo feels a lot like the final product.

Combat is simple turn based. You unlock new skills by just adventuring with the same party members. You level up, earn XP, and standard turn based RPG fare, nothing too ground breaking here.

Indeed, for me at least, the main draw of the game is creating Miis and watching their interactions. If not for that, this game is rather flat.

Still for what it does offer in terms of customizing your Miis and casting them in NPC roles and/or within your party it does well. Yes the same Mii can be used simultaneously as both an NPC and a Party Member for those of us who don’t have many friends or family. Also for those of us in that situation, you can choose to just use the default NPCs or choose look alike Miis which seem to be endlessly randomized for your enjoyment. You can always create Miis from scratch and make up characters in your head too! – the possibilities are endless.

Initially you won’t have access to makeup and wigs which REALLY add to the customization. I like to put light in their eyes at least. And it can be layered and look really nice! Or like I mentioned it can be overdone and look terrible too *cringe* haha.

Once makeup is unlocked the sky’s the limit for customizing your Miis.

Why I wish Miitomo was coming back though instead of Miitopia is I miss the ability to customize our rooms, and use our own photographs as posters on the walls, and the Gacha system (I know people hate Gacha – shush, I like them – I play a lot of Gacha games and find them fun.) Anyways I had a huge poster of my cat Milo with a pink bow on his head in my Miitomo room. And the Gacha outfits some were limited timed events and special collabs and rare and the online play and whatever else. Yeah that’s what Miitopia is missing. Customizing Rooms, Gacha, Using our own photos, and Online Play. Bring back Miitomo please Nintendo.

So yeah, without any story, well it has one, but it’s pretty cringe-worthy. The dialogue between Party Members is randomized and not interesting either, and just overall, nothing of substance to this game.

But if you like dressing up and customizing Miis – Miitopia on Nintendo Switch does it well. 10/10.

For everything else, like 1/10. LOL.

You can download the Demo and check it out for yourself! It’s free in Nintendo Eshop! The full game launches later this month.

Here’s how I’d rate Miitopia on Nintendo Switch:

Geeky: 3/5 – customization is good – graphics actually are pretty good for a Mii game – Gameplay is only good if you love old retro turn based RPGs, and story might as well be nonexistent.

Sweetie: 5/5 – Dressup for DAYS. Creating and casting Miis to look like friends and family is fun. Makeup and Wigs give a whole new level of customization. The possibilities are literally endless.

Gameplay: 8/10 – EH – well – it is interesting how Miis Bond and Unlock new battle skills. There is a job class system too. The combat itself though is turn based. And I think you only control one Mii and the others are auto pilot – by default at least – maybe there’s a setting to control the whole party I dunno. Customization of Miis especially now with Makeup is at a whole new level! Finding new equipment and being able to equip its stats while keeping your looks of whatever other equipment you want, is a nice touch. Outings and relationship building is fun. The food system is fun and funny. Different Miis have likes and dislikes when it comes to food. And food helps boost stats too.

Story: 1/10 – There’s a story – but it’s ridiculously silly. Too campy for me.

Characters: 8/10 – The characters can be anyone you want. You can go with defaults, create from randomized characters, or go full on custom, to create Mii who look like friends and family. I even made one look like my cat… supposedly. LOL. But – ultimately the character dialogue is so flat that it’s pointless and cringeworthy.

Music: 5/10 – Not bad, not great, average

Voice Acting: N/A

Graphics: 10/10 – OK it’s not hyper realistic but some of the backgrounds, like the fishing outing and the party scene when you have just added your fourth member – they’re pretty detailed and the lighting is so pretty and everything’s popping with color. And the makeup and wigs really do allow you to create any kind of Mii you can imagine.

Replay Value: 10/10 – You can literally endlessly play this Demo by keep returning to old locations, fighting, leveling up, finding treasure, money, equipment, switching up your outfits, makeup, etc. And it’s free and pretty nifty. It feels like a full game already to be honest.

Customization: 10/10 – I keep saying it, but yeah, customization of your Mii’s is 10 out of 10. I do wish to see customization of the rooms and gacha and limited event outfits like in Miitomo, but this is Miitopia not Miitomo, so I’ll just sit back and enjoy customizing my Miis. Thank you very much.

Overall: 50/80 63% D “Average Game For Girls”

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