Yume Twins April Cherry Blossom Kawaii Mystery Box Unboxing

The Yumetwins April 2023 Cherry Blossom Fantasy Kawaii mystery box was an absolute delight for me as a gamergirl, anime fan, and lover of all things kawaii. From the moment I opened it, I knew that I was in for a treat.

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The first item I pulled out was the zipper pouch with viewing window and four nyan plushies. This item was both practical and adorable, and I knew that it would be perfect for carrying around my makeup or other small essentials. The plushies were soft and fluffy, and the viewing window added an extra element of fun.

The BT21 mini photo album was another highlight of the box for me. As a huge fan of both BTS and kawaii stationery, I appreciated the design of the album, and its perfect size made it easy to carry around in my bag.

Next, I discovered the DIY Sanrio Kaleidoscope, which was so much fun to put together. I always love anything crafty, and this item was no exception. The kaleidoscope itself was super cute, with Sanrio characters adorning the exterior, and the patterns inside were mesmerizing.

The Sanrio sakura kimono notepad was also a great addition to my collection of kawaii stationery. The design was gorgeous, with sakura blossoms adorning the kimono-clad Sanrio characters on the cover, and the notepad itself was really handy for jotting down notes or making lists.

Finally, the good luck charm was a lovely touch. I appreciated the thought that went into including this in the box, and I’ll definitely be keeping it with me for good luck.

Overall, I absolutely loved the Yumetwins April 2023 Cherry Blossom Fantasy Kawaii mystery box. It was filled with such cute and practical items that I know I’ll be using and enjoying for a long time to come. I can’t wait to see what Yumetwins comes up with next!

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