Unleashing Creativity and Connectivity: The New iPad for Tech-Savvy Women

In the vibrant world of technology, the new iPad lineup stands out as a beacon for tech-loving girls and young adult women who crave a blend of style, performance, and portability. Apple’s latest release not only continues to push the boundaries of what tablets can do but also comes at price points that make cutting-edge technology more accessible than ever.

Sleek Design and Unmatched Portability

The newly unveiled iPad Pro models are a testament to Apple’s commitment to sleek design and robust functionality. With an astonishing thinness that surpasses even the iconic iPod Nano, the iPad Pro offers an ultra-portable solution without compromising on screen size or capabilities. Whether it’s the 11-inch model or the expansive 13-inch option, these iPads are perfect for slipping into a day bag for work, university, or a creative getaway. read more

Apple IPad Pro 12.9 Inch Review & Comparison To Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

You might have seen my recent review about the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio over here. You may remember mine met with an ill fate. A fate likely caused by a defective Surface Pen… The pen would not do anything. I changed the batteries, I knew how to charge it correctly under the lip of the laptop… And in device settings it said it had 100% battery life.

I read an article about unpairing and repairing the device… so I unpaired it… and could not repair it… because it was effectively dead…. No lights, no nothing. I’d only had the device for 10 days… but since Best Buy’s cutoff for returns is 14 days… and at least my local Best Buy is running some weird COVID19 hours still… closing at 6 or 7 pm and I had to work past that time… We had gone up the night before only to discover they were closed, and knew we couldn’t make the next night either…. So on day 12 of 14, when they offered to ship me a new pen…. well… I was nervous… What if it WASN’T the pen?! What if it was a problem with the bluetooth inside the $3,000 computer??? read more

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Review

I recently purchased Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio from Bestbuy. The highest end model here. It’s awesome when it works… but after just a few days my pen died. I tried changing the batteries. I know how to charge it. It sits under the laptop near the track pad. It will not light up. My device settings say the batteries are at 100%. I read about unpairing and repairing the pen, so I tried that. I was able to unpair it, but not able to repair it back to the device. For $3,000 for the laptop and $100 for the pen, I expected more… read more

How many GB of Storage do You Need for Your Apple Iphone or Ipad?

Apple angered a lot of consumers by not announcing a 32GB Apple Iphone 6S or 6S Plus at their annual Apple Event this month. The base model has just 16GB, while the next jump has 64gb, and the next 128 gb, each increasing substantially in price.

So how do you figure out how many GB you really need? I’m a huge gamer, so more space is always welcome. I currently have an Ipad 2 (older generation before they had Ipad Air) I have only the 16GB model. And for me, that’s plenty. I have over 40 IOS apps (games) installed right now. I do get alerts about my storage being full; and regularly I have to decide which apps to (temporarily) delete to make room for new cool games that I want to play.

But 40 games is a lot. I don’t even play half of those anywhere CLOSE to regularly (less than once a month, some I haven’t played in almost a year etc); I’d say I have MAYBE 12 apps (mostly all of them are games) that I play (almost) daily.

And it’s not like those apps disappear into oblivion – you can always redownload them – and since most of them sync your progress in their own servers (and require online play); you don’t have to lose all your progress each time you want to play it again either.

Now granted; I’m talking about an Ipad here; I’m not using it to take photos, videos, play my music etc; all things that I might do if I were using an Iphone instead of an Ipad.

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The Itunes store complicates the issue further, by not telling you the REAL file size for the apps you’re downloading. It shows a compressed size, and apps can be up to 3 or 4 times larger than that once they’re uncompressed, installed, and through updates they receive over time, etc. This always leaves you guessing as to just how large an app really is.

I also wonder if some of the performance issues I meet on my Ipad 2 could be due to the fact that I run it very full with very little, if any free space at any time.

As technology advances, the games will keep getting larger too; the same thing happened back in the days of the PC. I remember having a PC with 10GB and wondering how I would ever use that much space; now, I have a 1TB HD and I could not work with anything less than 500GB at least.

Are our phones and tablets heading that direction? Maybe so, but not at such a fast speed compared to the growth of their PC counterparts. It is true that apps are getting larger; however, many of the apps on my Ipad are 10MB or smaller; and the largest app I know of (not currently installed on my device) is around 5 GB.

One GB = 1,000 MB. If most of my games are 10MB or under I should be able to fit 100 games at once on my Ipad. However; that’s not true. as I mentioned I have somewhere between 40-50 apps installed right now.

Where does the other half of my storage go? I take a lot of screenshots within the apps of various games Im playing but not enough to count for 8gb of storage. According to this chart online; 8gb would be over 5,000 images when shot with a 4mp camera – but the Ipad 2 has only a meager 0.3 (front facing) or 0.7 MP (rear facing) camera. My Ipad starts complaining for me to delete photos after about 1 or 2 hundred. Even if shooting RAW; it should hold at least 500-600 photos (plus all of my games)

I assume that the operating system itself is taking up a chunk of my GB real estate, as well as certain “bloat ware” apps that I can’t delete such as Newsstand and FaceTime. I’m not sure how many GB exactly.

I do not have any music or videos on my Ipad 2 (but if you happen to be a heavy video/music user, the rule of thumb is 3MB per 1 second of HD video filmed with your Iphone according to this discussion on the official apple forums¬†so a 5 minute video is going to eat up close to 1GB of your space, roughly 900MB. And as for music, according to this source here, the rule of thumb is 1 MB per minute; so if you have an hour long playlist, your music is taking up 60MB (which is pretty small) for it to reach a gig, you’d need about 16 hours of music on the device at all times. You could save space by swapping in and out songs when you grow tired of them, etc); But since I have neither video, nor music, the only other culprit is temporary internet files since I do browse the net a lot on my Ipad.

Still, I feel that I can live harmoniously with my 16 GB. When I finally do get to purchase a new Iphone or Ipad, I will most likely stick to my 16 GB as it’s served me well for the past 6 years and technology won’t outpace it to where I’m forced to upgrade to a larger device right away. Of course I’d love a 64gb or 128 ipad pro, with the apple pencil, especially for art and design work; but for now, I’m just fine with my ancient Ipad 2 16GB wifi only model. Your mileage may vary, but hopefully this gives you some insight into just how far that 16gb will take you, especially if you just mainly want the space for apps and don’t plan to record a lot of video.

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