How to Remove Debris Under Screen Protector On Smart Phone
How to Remove Debris Under Screen Protector On Smart Phone

How to Remove Debris Under Screen Protector On Smart Phone

I read an article today on how to remove dust, dirt, hairs, fuzz, lint, etc from underneath your screen protector.

When I tried it though, my screen protector, which I’ve only had for 5 days, cracked.

I want to warn everyone that if you are googling how to remove debris under your screen protector to NOT follow this tutorial if you have a tempered glass screen protector. I have one from ZAGG that luckily will be covered under the warranty.

For those wanting to remove dirt and debris… here’s the “urban legend” online…. ONCE AGAIN DO NOT TRY THIS WITH A GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR. YOU CAN SEE ABOVE WHAT THIS DID TO MY BRAND NEW $45 ZAGG protector.

Materials needed: Scotch Tape

  1. Tear off two pieces of scotch tape

2.) Fold tape over on it’s self leaving enough space to slide your finger through each piece (so that both sides are sticky)

3.) With one piece of tape, take your finger at edge of screen protector and gently lift

4.) Use other tape-covered finger to dab the lint or debris until it is removed

5.) Gently lower the screen protector back down.


I don’t even know HOW the darn cat hair got under my screen protector. It was put on professionally at best buy. And up until this morning no hair. It was definitely UNDER the screen protector though. I small white hair from my short haired female cat. I also have her hairs on my brand new sweater that was stored in another room where my cats don’t have access. ARGH cat hairs… bane of my existence, but cats make life better, so worth it, even if they destroy sweaters and screen protectors LOL.

Luckily ZAGG gives all of their products a life time warranty; but now I must wait 3 – 7 business days with no screen protector, and go back to best buy and pay $5 to have them put it on for me 🙁 (or deal with the headache and cat hairs of putting it on for myself)