Razer Opus X Wireless Headset Review

I just received my Razer Opus X Wireless Headset 3 days ago. I have done 6 videos included in this review. The first is an unboxing video. The other videos are “attempted soundtests” attempted because the audio YOU will hear while watching these videos is NOT exactly what you will hear while WEARING the Razer Opus X. I just have the Iphone placed right inside the ear cup of the Razer Opus X in those reviews.

I’m just going to sprinkle my videos throughout here in chronological order, starting with my unboxing, and then part 1 of the review / soundtest, part 2, and so on. Enjoy!

Also fair warning – these videos and review are all COMPLETELY amateur level. I have no idea what I’m doing. I do not have a tripod (yet), and so I drop the phone a few times or accidentally drop the headphone and turn power off on them and then you hear my computer audio for a few minutes before I realize what happens (I talk you through it though so you’ll know when it happens, plus you’ll probably hear when it happens too). ANYWAYS yeah sorry these videos are a HOT MESS.

My house is also a HOT MESS right now because we are moving in like 6 days and ahhh everything’s crazy. Also we just had a party for my fiance last night for his 38th birthday. So the house is like EXTRA messy, and everyone is coming over again later today for another party for their wrestling pay per view stuff – so we cleaned a little but largely left things as is instead of setting up again tonight lol.

Anyways enough excuses!!! ON TO THE REVIEW!!!

Also let me just say, I bought these headphones with my own money, under no sponsorship or anything of that sort. I like razer products and liked the color which matches my razer quartz laptop and (non razer cheap wireless) mouse, and my pink desk, and pink chair lol.

Actually I think the neon green is the best of the three colors in my opinion, but since everything else I bought was pink, I went with pink. Pink is one of my favorite colors, but actually lately I prefer tiffany blue. I wish razer would come out with a tiffany blue color. They could call it Diamond Blue. Pretty catchy LOL.

So these headsets by Razer cost $99. The same price as the Kraken Wireless Headset (with color chromo kitty ears) Cute. But I read reviews of the Kraken BT Wireless Headset and – not good reviews at all. One of the chief complaints is that it sounds like a Tin Can, very hollow, no bass, and more high pitched overall.

The Kraken Wireless does not have noise cancellation either. I only wear headphones when my fiance is watching TV or something. It’s largely so I don’t disturb other people around me – but also, yeah when I’m gaming I don’t want to be disturbed either! So the fact that the Razer Opus X Wireless 2021 Headset has noise cancellation is a huge selling point for me. More so than the lower latency of the Kraken.

So Razer’s product page for the Razer Opus X Wireless Headphones mentions how it has a lot of deep bass, and I believe that to be true. I am NOT an audiophile. You’ll see in my videos that I’m using some terribly old probably 90s WIRED noise cancelling headphones – Sony though which are believed by many to be the best in noise cancelling technology. They worked fine still. They belonged to my fiance and he gave them to me awhile back. No idea what model or how old they were. The sound was good, noise cancellation was great… But the wire… I HATED having to wrap it and/or untangle it before/after every single use… what a pain in the ass!

That’s why one day I decided – I want wireless headphones.

My natural first instinct was beats by Dre before I googled anything else. My fiance actually just got a great discount on Beats Solo3, an older model, like originally $200 he snagged for $80 at Target. Got the last pair at our local Target. He hasn’t even opened them yet. He bought them after I ordered mine. When he heard I was looking for a wireless headset, he wanted one too.

We both prefer Over the Ear design. I hate the buds that go inside the ear. They are just not comfortable! At least to me, especially for long periods of time ugh. I don’t want something IN my ear. No thanks!

Anyways maybe after he opens his, he’ll let me review them too 🙂

But for now, back to my Razer Opus X.

I took to Google a week or two ago and just typed in “Wireless Headphones” just to see what was out there. You know Google uses algorithms to show you the search results, so for me, I saw these news articles one after another after another about Razer’s new Opus X Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for just $99. There weren’t ANY reviews anywhere, just NEWS announcing the upcoming / newly released product…

I was torn between the Kraken and Opus until as mentioned reading some negative reviews on Kraken, and ultimately deciding on the Opus X.

My initial thoughts on the Opux X are as follows:

Comfort: 5/5 Very comfortable, I gamed for 3-4 hours straight without any pressure or pain. Fully padded and adjustable and light weight – at least as light as to be expected for an Over the ear design.

Sound Quality: 4/5 Seemed a little quiet even when up all the way – In comparison I play my computer speakers at about 30-40%. I had to turn the Opus X up to 80-90% to achieve about the same volume… However, aside from that caveat, I do personally think the sound quality is quite nice. As promised, it has plenty of bass. The noise cancellation works GREAT. I live right next to a busy highway and constant traffic can be heard even with all windows closed. Also as mentioned, I use these when my fiance is watching TV (typically sports) – it drowns out the TV PLUS his wild cheering lol.

Ease of Use: 4/5 – PERFECT with Computer no problemo. Took less than 10 seconds. But with any type of console, you need a dongle. I don’t have one yet, but you can purchase them for about $10-20. If I decide to purchase one, I’ll let you know how easy it is to pair to a console. I have not tried to pair to my Iphone 12 Pro yet. Controls on left ear cup very straight forward, volume up, down, noise cancellation, and power buttons.

Looks: 3/5 – EH I dunno, they’re super plain – no color chroma lights, no kitty ears, no serpent logo, just a very low profile same color “razer” name printed along the band. Controls etc all same color, very minimal. The green stands out and looks awesome. I do love pink, so I do love my color too, but I dunno, they’re not stylish compared to say Beats by Dre or TokiDoki – BUT…. They ARE definitely more stylish than Bose or Sony or some humdrum black pair.

Gaming: Up to You. ???/10 For me, they’re PERFECT. I am a CASUAL Gamer. I only play RPG, Visual Novel, Otome, and Simulation games. I do NOT play First Person Shooters, Arena Games, and other highly twitchy games. Razer is NOT marketing these as a gaming headset!!! The latency is MUCH TOO HIGH for serious competitive “hardcore” gamers!!! Because you react to what you HEAR, before what you SEE, so for HARDCORE gamers – go with a wired headset – even though yes wires suck, you need the lowest latency possible.

BUT for ME and MY types of games – and the readers of this blog who I assume are female gamers such as myself mostly playing casual games – GO FOR IT!!! THESE ARE AWESOME! You will not have ANY problems what so ever!!!

So for ME personally in my review, 10/10 CASUAL GAMING only – DO NOT USE FOR HARDCORE GAMING EVER K?

But for ME Casual Gaming is ALL I PLAY – so for ME in MY REVIEW – Gaming gets 10/10

I love not having a wire. I love the color. I love the noise cancellation. I love the sound quality. I love everything about these, except they could maybe be a little bit more stylish?


Beats and other popular products FOLD UP for traveling.

One of the biggest uses of noise cancelling headphones is for traveling on long flights…

By not folding up, they are big and cumbersome to pack on a carry on.

In comparrison the 10-20 year old Sony Noise Cancellation headphones I was already using FOLDED up.

So yeah – behind times with the design there! BIG TIME.

If I had to give it a flaw it’d be that they do not fold up.

Also it’d be NICE if it came with a dongle – because Razer is a gaming company, even if they’re NOT marketing these as gaming headsets (which they’re not), it’d still be nice – I can buy one for $10-20 which means it would have maybe cost razer like $5 to manufacture and include one with the headset.

Ah but overall, I am happy with my purchase. Using my traditional scoring system they come out to:

26/30 87% B+ “Very Good Headset For Casual Gamers”


  • Wireless
  • Easy Blue Tooth Pairing With PC
  • Lots of Bass – Nice Sound Quality
  • Excellent Noise Cancellation
  • Lasted for Longer than my play time of 3-4 hours – with Noise Cancellation activated
  • Nice colors
  • Comfortable
  • PERFECT for Casual Gaming, RPGs, Otome Games, Dressup Games, Visual Novels, Dating Sims, Simulation games, etc. Perfect for watching videos and other tasks too. They also say it’s great for conference calls and has dual action noise cancellation on the microphone to let you work from home without interference on your conference calls – I haven’t tested that yet, but in a post Covid work world – this might be a big selling point for you!
  • The fact that it even HAS a microphone is impressive (and see above about noise cancellation). Beats and (some) Sony headsets are headphones only without a mic.


  • No dongle for console gaming included – but it’s cheap to buy $10-20 – just the fact that it is so cheap is like why didn’t razer just include one – makes me feel like THEY are cheap/lazy lol.
  • Kinda minimalistic styling – but not bad
  • THIS HEADSET DOES NOT FOLD – bad ! biggest minus in my opinion – bulky hard to pack or travel with. huge con right there.
  • NOT FOR HARDCORE GAMERS!! Latency is 60 MS – much too high for Hardcore Gamers – not me, but maybe important to some people, especially coming from Razer who has long been god tier for all things hardcore gaming related.
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