KawaiiBox May 2023 Pokemon Picnic Monthly Subscription Box Unboxing Review

Oh my gosh, guys! 💖 I just had the most delightful experience unboxing the KawaiiBox for May 2023, which was the Pokémon Picnic-themed monthly subscription box! 🌸🍱 It totally brightened up my day and I just had to share it with you all!

First off, the outer package was a little damaged during shipping, but don’t worry! All of the super adorable items inside were totally safe and unharmed. Phew! 😌✨

Now, let’s talk about my absolute FAVORITE item in the box: the yellow Pikachu shopping basket! 💛⚡️ It’s seriously the cutest thing ever, and makes a nice desk organizer.

The box was also filled with charming Pokémon-themed stationery items like washi tape and highlighter pens, perfect for adding a touch of cuteness to my journaling and note-taking. 📚💖 And let me tell you, the Pokémon candy that came in the box was super yummy and definitely a delightful surprise!

In addition to all the Pokémon goodies, there was an adorable plastic Pokémon cup that’s perfect for sipping my favorite drinks. 🥤✨ And can we talk about the Sanrio headband? I am absolutely in love with it! I’ll definitely be rocking it at the gym to show off my kawaii style. 🎀

Overall, the KawaiiBox May 2023 Pokémon Picnic-themed subscription box totally nailed the cute, kawaii, friendly, positive, playful, and chill vibes I was hoping for! 🌈💕 I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next month.

If you’re thinking of trying out KawaiiBox for yourself, I highly recommend it. It’s like receiving a box full of happiness every month! 🎁🥰

You can sign up for the next box at www.KawaiiBox.com

Stay kawaii, my friends! 💖✌️