Kawaii Silver Iphone 14 Pro Makeover: Sonix Sanrio Cases & Case Mate Accessories Review

Hey fellow kawaii enthusiasts and anime gamers! As a 41-year-old ultra kawaii anime gamer girl, I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts on these adorable Sonix Sanrio MagSafe iPhone 14 Pro cases and some super cute Case Mate MagSafe accessories. I recently got a new silver iPhone 14 Pro, and these cases and accessories are just perfect for it.

Sorry this first video is blurry – I did not realize my old phone was on Cinematic mode so it was out of focus. The second video is better.


  1. Hello Kitty and Friends Stickers MagSafe Compatible iPhone Case: This case is my absolute favorite! The clear design showcases the adorable Sanrio character stickers, which brings a unique and playful touch to my iPhone. It’s ultra kawaii and perfect for any Sanrio fan.
  2. Cosmic Hello Kitty MagSafe Compatible iPhone Case: I thought this case would be a clear gradient, but it’s actually white. Nonetheless, the cosmic Hello Kitty design is still super cute and offers great protection for my phone.
  3. Little Twin Stars MagSafe Compatible iPhone Case: Like the Cosmic Hello Kitty case, this one is also white instead of a clear gradient. But the Little Twin Stars design is too adorable to resist. It also offers excellent protection for my iPhone.


  1. Case Mate Magnetic Mini Grip (Twinkle Diamond): This accessory is the cutest of the three and offers a great horizontal stand. It’s a medium weight, making it comfortable to use without adding too much extra weight to the phone. However, it doesn’t work as a vertical stand.
  2. Case Mate Magnetic Ring Stand (Twinkle Diamond): The magnetic ring stand creates a sturdy horizontal and vertical stand, perfect for watching anime or gaming. However, it’s the heaviest of the three, adding some extra weight to the phone when holding.
  3. Case Mate MagSafe Soft Loop Grip (Sparkle): This is the lightest accessory, and it’s the one I use day-to-day now. The soft loop grip offers a secure grip without adding extra weight to the phone. The added sparkle is an extra kawaii touch.

I also wanted to express how much I adore the MagSafe technology, especially as a first-time user. I must say, I prefer it over PopSockets and other adhesive phone accessories, as MagSafe provides a more secure grip without leaving any sticky residue behind. In my experience with PopSockets and similar adhesive phone accessories, the weight of the phone would cause the adhesive to come loose, or when I wanted to change accessories, the adhesive residue would stick to the case. With MagSafe, there are no drops, sticky residue, or worries about dropping my phone.

The Case Mate accessories make holding the heavier iPhone so much more comfortable. The rounded edges of the Sonix Sanrio cases also help to ease the sharp edges of the iPhone, preventing them from digging into my palm. I had been going caseless with my iPhone 13 Pro for the past year and a half, believing that phones could withstand most drops and falls these days. However, my iPhone 13 Pro met an ill fate a few weeks ago, which prompted me to upgrade to the Silver iPhone 14 Pro.

The silver iPhone 14 Pro is the most feminine color available and looks amazing with any color case or accessory, especially clear, white, silver, rhinestone, or glitter colors. It’s simply the cutest phone ever! I’m now a firm believer in team silver for life.

In conclusion, these Sonix Sanrio MagSafe iPhone 14 Pro cases and Case Mate accessories are perfect for anyone who loves all things kawaii and wants to add a touch of cuteness to their iPhone. With the various accessories offering different advantages, you can easily find the one that best suits your needs and style. Happy kawaii accessorizing!