Kawaii Box Giveaway and Discount Code

[gleam url=”https://gleam.io/RCpTe/geeky-sweetie-x-kawaii-box-giveaway”]GeekySweetie.com Kawaii Box Giveaway[/gleam]

[gleam url=”https://gleam.io/RCpTe/geeky-sweetie-x-kawaii-box-giveaway”]GeekySweetie.com Kawaii Box Giveaway[/gleam]


Attention, all cuteness enthusiasts! It’s time to get your excitement levels up because our super kawaii friends at Kawaii Box are hosting an absolutely adorable giveaway, exclusively for you, our cherished GeekySweetie.com readers! 🥳💕 But wait, there’s more! They’re also sprinkling some extra sugar on this sweet deal by providing a super special coupon code for you to use when subscribing to your very own Kawaii Box! 🍬🎁

🌟✨ Coupon Code: Geeky Sweetie ✨🌟

You can use this magical code until May 10, 2023, and it will grant you a US$ 5 discount at www.kawaiibox.com 🎉🛍️

🎀 So, what exactly is a Kawaii Box? 🎀

A Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box overflowing with cuteness, delivering authentic kawaii treasures straight from Japan to your doorstep! Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with a different theme of heart-melting anime, gaming, and Japanese pop culture-related items like stationery, toys, dolls, snacks, and so much more! 😍🌈

Some of the super popular franchises that have graced previous Kawaii Boxes include Sanrio, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and tons more. This is your chance to experience a little slice of kawaii heaven every single month! 🌟💖

📹 Curious to see what’s inside a Kawaii Box? 📹

No worries, we’ve got you covered! Check out my Unboxing Video of the May 2023 Kawaii Box, and dive into my detailed review of Kawaii Box right here! You’ll be amazed by the cuteness overload that awaits you! 🥰🍭

Don’t miss out on this cuteness extravaganza! Enter the giveaway and grab your Kawaii Box subscription now! ✨🎊