Idoly Pride Idol Raising Simulation Mobile Game

I fell in love with the Japanese version of Idoly Pride. It is quite similar to other already existing idol simulation games such as Idolm@ster and Love Live or Bang Dream Girls or Colorful Stage. I think what makes Idoly Pride stand out for me is the very high-quality graphics. The music is good, but the cute idols is what pulls me in like “WOW!!”

Like those other games, there’s also an anime based on the franchise. I am not sure which came first the game or the anime. I have not watched the anime yet. If it’s anything like the game, I’m sure it’s very cute!

Take a look at the screenshots below and read-on to see how you can Pre-Register for the English version of Idoly Pride:

I just started playing the game last week and took over 600 screenshots the first day because the graphics blew me away.

I can’t comment on story since I can’t read Japanese… but in a promising twist of fate… The “sea” server is listed as having English language on the Korean IOS app store. You can easily create a new account and pre-register for the Korean Idoly Pride which will debut on 04/30/2022 – We can only hope it will indeed be in English.

Even without being able to read or understand the game, I am enjoying it fully. The music and dancing and cute idols are just too much.

Some gameplay mechanics include but not limited to: drawing cute idols from gacha pulls – some more limited than others. Limited ones will include new outfits for dressup (another gameplay feature), You can level up your idols, engage in meet and greets and training activities for in game items to help level them up, Talk to your idols to increase your relationships, and of course dance on stage to catchy JPOP music.

Gameplay is simple which is why it’s possible to enjoy the game even not in English. Still an English version would be nice. I am very interested to see if this Korean version will have English or not, and if so, why they wouldn’t want to release it in the US as well?

Here is a link to pre-register for the Korean Version of Idoly Pride:

You may not be able to view it until you create your Korean Apple Account.
Korean Pre-Register Idoly Pride

And here is the Japanese version of Idoly Pride which I am currently playing: