Games are Expensive! Check Out Some of The Ways To Earn Free Money, Giftcards, and Games. PS: I Hate Surveys – These are all Legit, None of the “Pre-qualify” BS.

My Top Earners and Highest Recommended Programs For You:

DealSpotr: Been here about a month, have made over $60 amazon vouchers. So simple. I get a lot of junkmail, do very little time searching out new “deals” – you get points for sharing deals, coupons, etc, or for “spotting” other users’ deals that they post. I really love this site. Also if you’re a blogger you get double points for life. AND if you use my referral link you get $5000 points for signing up which puts you HALF WAY to your first $10 Amazon Gift card – Sweet! My Linky:

MyVoice – A forum (aparently only open to US applicants) where you earn amazon giftcards by taking SHORT VERY VERY SHORT (like 2 to 5 question) surveys, posting on forums, sharing pictures, etc. – All of which relate to viacomm and their networks such as Nickelodean, Comedy Central, MTV, CMT, etc, etc, etc. – Been here about 2 years, probably made close to $300 Amazon Vouchers – New tasks typically get posted every Thursday. Typically 3-5 tasks a week, rewarding between 25-50 points per task – Cashout is at $250 points for a $5 amazon card. The only way to sign up is to be invited by an existing user (or by Viacom themselves.) Here’s the link:

PostLoop: I’ve beeen with Postloop for about 6 months and have received probably about $100 – if you are a forum owner you can exchange the points for traffic instead. What I love about post loop is that YOU select the topics YOU write about – there’s literally hundreds of forums. Ranging from anime, to being a mom, to couponing, to car repair, to gardening, to health issues, literally everything, really. Forums do cycle in and out, so you have to keep looking for new ones to join. But it’s really profitable – and in my opinion FUN I love chatting about my interests and making friends, and now I’m getting PAID for it? WOAH! You Have to Post in the Postloop Portal a set number of times (It was 10 when I joined, not sure what it is now) – They will give you your initial score, and then you can use that to join other forums – The forum you want doesn’t let you in? Score not high enough? Just find some other forums to join and KEEP WRITING – eventually you’ll get reviewed by other forum owners and have a chance to join the forums you want.

YouGov – Just joined this one today 5/28/16 – but already almost a third of a way to my first reward ($15 amazon – other rewards also available – you pick). This site is unlike most survey sites, it’s quick, clean, modern, the polls sometimes only have 1 or two questions. Longest survey I took took me less than 10 miinutes. I hate survey sites but this one is different. Check it out.

Other Programs I’m a Member of But Not Very Active On, or Newly Joined, and Can’t Provide Much Feedback:

Swagbucks: Watch videos, perform web searches, play games, surveys, offer wall (some free and some paid), exchange for amazon and etc.

MyPoints: Similar to Swagbucks

Inbox Dollars: Similar to Swagbucks and MyPoints – also get paid just for reading email.

Perk Rewards: Get paid to watch videos – I just put it on mute and leave it running – passive income!

SocialPubli: – Paid to post stuff on twitter and facebook

Buzzoole: Pays in Amazon Giftcards, also uses social media accounts I believe

ForumCoin: Like Post Loop but all discussions take place on one forum

Moonbit Bitcoin Faucet: – What is This? Bitcoin is an electronic currency – you can exchange this currency on for a wide variety of rewards – A Bitcoin Faucet rewards you with a very small fractional amount of a bitcoin for absolutely free. Most Bitcoin Faucets limit you to cashout only once a day or once an hour but MoonBit lets you cash out every 5 minutes. If you’re like me, and have never used bitcoin currency before, you can create a free Xapo wallet – it will automatically be created for you – and your wallet will be credited automatically – OR you can choose to deposit directly to your bitcoin wallet once a week.

Other Bitcoin Faucets:

Bitcoin Zebra – 100 to 3000 Satoshi Hourly Faucet:

Get Bitcoin for Looking at Doggies Every 5 Minutes


FieldBitcoins – this site seems IDENTICAL to Moonbit – but it doesn’t seem to earn quite as fast.

Daily Free Bits: Hourly Faucet. Just solve Captcha question. Pays between 100 – 2000 satoshi each hour.

Dogs Faucet: – This one you can only claim once every 3 hours – but it has really high payout up to 6000 satoshi, and minimum of 2000 every click.

Easy Bit Coins Faucet:

Free Cloud Bitcoin Mining:


RobinHood – Sweepstakes site, earn points to get entries into cash sweepstakes

The Next Offers Are Paid Offers – But If You’re Thinking of Buying Something Anyways – Hey Why Not Help a Girl Out, Right? Plus Some of Them Have Coupons For You. BONUS! 🙂 :

Get $3 Off Any Geek Fuel Subscription – this is a monthly subscription box for Geeks. Referral Link With Coupon:

Get 5% Off at (NSFW) or (SFW) Just Use my Coupon Code at Checkout (Never Expires Ever and Can be Reused). Both Sites feature specialty goods from Japan such as Japanese candy, video games, magazines, comics, anime, etc. use Coupon Code: MOE-22Y-E8BNV5 to get 5% off! (and give me a little kickback hehe)

Other Sites I Can’t, Won’t Or Already Have Joined:

Mindfield Online

Neilsen Digital Voice

I will be updating This List In The Near Future…

If you use any of my referral links please comment below with what sites you’d like for me to join and I will do so *AND BE ACTIVE* too :).

As a side note: I’m really not a fan of survey sites – seems you spend 30-40 minutes filling them out only to be told you don’t qualify and never get any points. Therefore, I would really prefer more the “paid to write” style of sites, or “paid to watch videos” “paid to download apps” etc.

I have a few of those “survey sites” that I already use – If you like these survey sites you can join any of the below – no descriptions given, just “survey sites”:

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