Why Nintendo Sports On Nintendo Switch Will Appeal To Casual Female Gamers

Why Nintendo Sports On Nintendo Switch Will Appeal To Casual Female Gamers

Nintendo Sports, the latest release in the Wii Sports series will definitely appeal to many readers of my blog here. Not only are the games fun, but there’s tons of Gacha Style elements with limited dressup items dropping every week. Gotta catch em all. It will take a lot of online play to earn enough points to spin that gacha and each gacha only sticks around for about 2 weeks. Nintendo has said they want to release new cosmetic items every week. The game’s only been out less than a week and they’ve released 3 Gacha so far. One of them is ending in about 5 days. If you manage to get all the items in the gacha, you also get some awesome super rare event dressup items. It honestly reminds me a bit of Miitomo which I miss so much.

Ok but dressup aside, but honestly, that’s my favorite part, lol. But that aside for a moment, is Nintendo Sports as good as the original? In this girl’s opinion, yes. Yes, admittedly it has fewer games than the original Wii Sports (correction I was thinking of “Wii Sports Resort” for its massive list of games.), but Switch Sports (as I like to call it) is a worthy successor to the throne. Golf will be released later this summer and is one of my favorites. We already play a ton of Mario Golf in this house, almost every night.

Out of the games available right now, bowling is my favorite. You can play regular bowling or obstacle course bowling, with as many as 16 other real-life players from all over the world in an elimination-style knockout league.

I’m pretty good at Chambara and OK at Tennis and Badminton (which are both too sorta similar to me honestly but OK.) I struggle with volleyball and soccer.

I injured my foot a few days before the game was released so I’m sitting down playing all of these too. I’ll do much better once I can get up and move. But for those with a disability wondering, if they can play this in a wheelchair or hospital bed or for those of us who just prefer being lazy, the answer is yes you can. Although able-bodied individuals will have an advantage in certain activities, especially soccer.

How is the gameplay? I feel it’s fairly intuitive and easy to pick up. Does it get dull? It can at times due to lack of sports or activities. Similar games available on the Switch such as Go Vacation feature much more to do and also have that dressup style gameplay that my readers here will appreciate. But Go Vacation being just a direct port of the original Wii game lacks the graphics and polish of Nintendo Sports. I do like the pets in Go Vacation though and would like to see a pet system in Nintendo Sports.

Games and Activities I’d like to see added to Nintendo Sports in the future:

  • Racing (either your body or car or even horse racing)
  • Skiing (Snow or Water)
  • Surfing and or Snow Boarding
  • Gymnastics
  • Ice Skating or Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • (American) Football
  • Swimming / Diving
  • Rock Climbing
  • Obstacle Course (like a Mud Runner or similar)
  • Horseback Riding
  • Dog Agility
  • Dancing
  • Pickleball (why not it’s basically the same as tennis and badminton)
  • Ping Pong (same theory as above)
  • Wrestling

Lots of other great ideas out there I’m sure! I’m not the largest sports fan, so I probably forgot some pretty obvious ones.

What games would you like to see added to Nintendo Sports? Let us know in a comment below.