Ultimate Guide: Play Japanese Nintendo Switch Games in English with Elgato HD60 X and DeskTranslate.

Live OCR Translation Setup for Nintendo Switch Games (Desktop and Laptop)

Required Equipment:

  • Nintendo Switch and Dock
  • Elgato HD60 X capture card (Available on Amazon and Best Buy)
  • Desktop or Laptop with USB 3.0 port
  • Two HDMI cables (one comes with HD60 X)
  • OBS Studio (Download from OBS Project)
  • DeskTranslate (Download from DeskTranslate’s website)

Setup Steps:

  1. Hardware Connections:
  • Connect the Nintendo Switch Dock’s HDMI output to the Elgato HD60 X’s HDMI input.
  • Link the Elgato HD60 X’s USB output to a USB 3.0 port on your desktop or laptop.
  1. Software Installation:
  • Install OBS Studio.
  • Install DeskTranslate.
  1. Configure OBS Studio:
  • Launch OBS Studio and add the HD60 X as a video source.
  • Adjust OBS settings as needed.
  1. Set Up DeskTranslate for OCR:
  • Open DeskTranslate.
  • Set it to capture from OBS or directly from the capture card.
  1. Nintendo Switch Settings:
  • Adjust the Switch’s TV settings for optimal output.
  1. Gameplay and Translation:
  • Play your game and enjoy live translation on your screen.

Notes for Laptop Users:

  • Use your laptop’s built-in screen for display.
  • Ensure your laptop can handle the processing requirements.

This setup allows you to play Nintendo Switch games with live-translated text on both desktop and laptop.