Tumblr Seems Pretty Spiffy – Oh and We’ve changed our Tumblr URL

Tumblr Seems Pretty Spiffy – Oh and We’ve changed our Tumblr URL

To create better brand awareness going forward, we have changed our url from GamesGirlsPlay.Tumblr.com to GeekySweetie.Tumblr.com – Please update your links accordingly – Of course, if you’re already following me on Tumblr, Tumblr will handle that for you <3.

This blog actually began as a Tumblr Blog… years ago…. But I never really embraced Tumblr the way I had envisioned. — Back then there were few and far between customization options and few and far between free templates. I had already been accustomed to wordpress and self hosting my blogs and spoiled by the thousands or hundreds of thousands of free themes and plugins which made customizing the site, fast, free, and fun.

So in the end, I ultimately made this site here, and the name GamesGirlsPlay was already taken for .com domains at that time, so I had to think to myself, how can I effectively market the fact that I blog about games for girls. I came up with the screen name and .com domain GeekySweetie.com at that time and began remarketing myself online as such.

But when I first envisioned wanting to do game reviews, I had chosen to dabble in Tumblr, and most of my original posts (from circa 2013-2014) are originally published over there before later being copied over here.

My name there was GamesGirlsPlay and I focused ONLY on gaming reviews. I had other (still have but inactive) “sub” blogs, like for asian balljointed dolls, or anime reviews, etc.

But nowadays I spend a lot of time trying to get this site here: https://geekysweetie.wpenginepowered.com which is a menagerie of all things geeky or girly off the ground and gain readership here (as opposed to Tumblr) (which I had abandoned, aside from automated content fed in by syncing my other social media accounts).

But now I’ve spent the fair portion of today rethinking this. There’s a nifty wordpress plugin that will crosspost all of my content here to my Tumblr blog, automagically.

There’s more customization options on Tumblr now than there was just a few short years ago, more free themes, and admittedly, I have very few readers here, and a better chance that people will actually SEE and maybe even comment on what I write on Tumblr as opposed to my self hosted wordpress site.

As for SEO, as far as I know, the original source (in this case, that’d be https://geekysweetie.wpenginepowered.com) does not get “dinged” by google. Imagine the chaos people could cause by copying their competitor’s content all over the web to lower their page rank. Since Tumblr would be the one “reposting” the content, then that would mean that my blog here should not be affected by crossposting all of the posts to Tumblr, since the entry date for the original article on https://geekysweetie.wpenginepowered.com would be earlier than the entry date on GeekySweetie.Tumblr.com

So I see no reason now NOT to use Tumblr…. Also saw some cute stuff while I was there from people (and companies) that I recently began following, and that makes me want to read more Tumblr blogs and see more cute things. I also like that some of the layouts for the Tumblr blog can showcase your “Likes” and “Follows” which makes it super easy to share cute things, while giving credit and traffic back to the original authors. YAY.

I’m a little bit late on this Tumblr Party, but I do see how it can be addicting.

So yeah ^-^ Follow me please? Give my Tumblr some lovin’ at http://GeekySweetie.Tumblr.com. Or continue to follow me here at https://geekysweetie.wpenginepowered.com

My Tumblr is a little bit less focused since it syncs with all my social media accounts so it sometimes has random pics of myself, my friends, family, pets, and LOTS of screenshots from apps and games that I’m playing lol. While GeekySweetie.com is more of a clean and focused read without the extra stuff. But you might miss out on some cute stuff I may reblog from time to time on my Tumblr as well – so it’s best to follow us in both places. YAY.

Also off topic, but I also joined Medium.com today. And you can find me at http://medium.com/@GeekySweetie