Magical Atelier Global Version Launches Tomorrow 4/14/2022

The Harry Potter Inspired Lineplay Looking Simulation and Crafting Free To Play Gacha Mobile Game Hit is finally getting an English translation. I am not sure if it will be in the USA app stores, but an English version is definitely coming. Here are some key indicators of this fact.

An Official Announcement here:

English Youtube Videos On Their Official Youtube Channel Here:

I just started playing the korean version and on the same day, I discovered the global version and I did in fact pre-register… but now I am a bit concerned because it says on the official site it is not available in this country (when accessing it on my PC) – so I may have been logged into one of my many other Apple IDs, such as my korean Id or Singapore ID or Japan ID. But none the less, soon an English version will be available somewhere in the next 24 hours. read more

Shall We Date? Wizardess Heart+ Review Free Otome Mobile Game for IOS and Android

Anime Otome Game Like Harry Potter - Wizardess Heart+
Anime Otome Game Like Harry Potter – Wizardess Heart+

“Shall We Date” is a very popular series of free mobile and browser based Otome Games (Games for Girls) by NTT Solmare. Wizardess Heart is one such game in this series. I recommend this game for anyone who loves Harry Potter (or cute anime games in general). Check out my review of “Shall We Date: Wizardess Heart +” below!

Title: Shall We Date? Wizardess Heart+

Developer: NtT Solmare

Genre: Otome Visual Novel with Dressup Game elements

Price: FREE with optional in-game purchases

Where to Play:




Facebook Gameroom: fbgames://gameid/1571343853087385 read more