Review: Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles – A Bittersweet Symphony

Review: Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles – A Bittersweet Symphony

The Sweet Melody of Nostalgia

“Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles” for the Nintendo Switch tugs at the heartstrings of nostalgia, bringing us back to the enchanting world of Cornet and her adventures, but now through the eyes of her daughter, Kururu. The game is a beautiful journey, dripping with the rich anime art style that captures the essence of the original, and the direct continuation of the story offers a seamless transition that feels both familiar and fresh. Meeting the characters and puppets from the first game is like a reunion with old friends, sparking joy and reminiscence.

RPG Mechanics: A Refreshing Change

The shift to more traditional RPG mechanics is a welcome change. The transformation of puppets from cast members to more spell-like summons adds a new layer of strategy and depth to the gameplay. It feels like a natural evolution of the series, keeping the core elements intact while introducing new dynamics that keep the gameplay engaging and interesting.

The Discordant Note: Absence of English Songs

However, the absence of English musical numbers hits a sour note. The original “Rhapsody” enchanted us not just with its story and gameplay but also with its memorable English songs that we could sing along to. This emotional connection to the music was a significant part of the game’s charm. Unfortunately, “Marl Kingdom Chronicles” misses this beat. The decision to omit English versions of the songs, akin to previous localizations like the Nintendo Gameboy versions, feels like a step back. It’s a stark reminder of how these versions didn’t resonate as well with audiences compared to the original, largely due to this missing piece.

A Tale of Two Tunes

This localization choice leads to a love-hate relationship with the sequel. On one hand, there’s immense gratitude and appreciation for NIS America taking the risk to localize these titles, giving fans the chance to experience more of the world they fell in love with. On the other hand, the lack of English songs creates a gap, a longing for what could have been—a fuller, richer experience that not only tells a story but sings it in a language that resonates more deeply with its audience.

Conclusion: A Symphony Worth Experiencing

Despite the missing English songs, “Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles” is a game worth experiencing. Its blend of nostalgia, beautiful art, and engaging RPG mechanics creates a symphony that, while not perfect, still plays a tune that’s hard not to appreciate. It’s a bittersweet melody, but one that still manages to capture the heart.