Stop Using InfoLinks Monetizing Online Advertisement Unable To Remove from Wordpress

We Have Removed Bidvertiser Ads

In an effort to try to improve our site, and as a followup to my post yesterday, regarding another Pay Per Click program (InfoLinks), I have disabled today also Bidvertiser ads which were causing a popup and redirect as well.

As well as similar issues such as highly irrelevant ads, and just “spamming” my readers.

I won’t stand for that, no matter how “profitable” an ad network may be.

After I finish this wordpress post, I am also going to disable the email collection “splash” screen that appears once per day when visiting the site. (Which is not related to Bidvertiser) (but keeps me from having to make a separate post about that as well).

On a final note, I also just disabled Chitika Mobile Ads, because I noticed they too were using popups and obscuring my site content. I do not think that’s the case with their web ads, just mobile, but if I discover the web ads also behaving improperly, I will disable those as well.