Qbox Sailormoon Subscription Box Now On Sale – Shipping Begins February 2017

Qbox is a mystery box that features a different kawaii theme each month. The theme for February is Sailor Moon! They did another Sailormoon Qbox back in 2015.

To me the quality of the items in previous Qbox seems low – just judging from other peoples’ box opening photos and videos I’ve seen online.

If the Sailormoon Qbox was around 18-23 bucks (including shipping and handling) I’d probably pick this up myself. However, sadly, that’s not the case.

The Sailormoon Qbox is around $32 (with shipping), for 8 (or more) sailormoon items. They say the items are officially licensed and from Japan. So that may add some value. But judging from what I’ve seen it seems like small cheap plush, stationary, scrapbook materials, and etc. — While all of those things are kawaii, to me they aren’t enough to justify the price of the box which I feel is about $10 overpriced right now.

If you’re a sailormoon fan and interested in checking out Qbox then hurry because Qbox have a history of selling out!! Go here to get your own Sailormoon Qbox! http://www.getqbox.com/-qshop/februarybox¬†This is a one time box and not a subscription.

One thought on “Qbox Sailormoon Subscription Box Now On Sale – Shipping Begins February 2017

  1. My wife just received her Sailor Moon QBox, and I am sorry to say it is full of nothing but bootlegs. Nothing has the Toei seal of approval. My wife has done numerous panels at our local anime convention over the years about spotting bootlegs, and we laughed on sight at what we got.

    Definitely not worth the price tag. And it’s definitely our last QBox

    1. So sorry to hear that! That’s really upsetting especially since the website claims it is officially licensed merchandise. I decided to pass though just by glancing at http://www.getqbox.com/past-q-boxes/ Everything seems small/cheap and not nice / large items like the Pusheen or Sanrio crates from other distributors. The quality of Qbox reminded me of Dokidoki which I was really unhappy with and cancelled after my first box. Not surprisingly, it also suffered from bootleg goods.

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