Present Pets Surprise Toy Unboxing Review Sparkle or Diamond Walmart Exclusive Version

As a 41-year-old adult female and an avid toy collector with a penchant for all things cute and kawaii, I was beyond excited to get my hands on the Present Pets Diamond and Sparkle, a Walmart exclusive version complete with exclusive Walmart accessories.

It was my lucky day when I found the last one in stock on, on sale for just $35, instead of the regular retail price of $59.99. This version is highly sought after and is currently selling for over $100 on Amazon.

The unboxing experience of Present Pets is truly unique – you don’t know which pet is inside the box, and the best part is that it unboxes itself!

When my package arrived, I was initially frightened as it appeared to be used and returned, which made me worry that the pet would already be open and not unbox itself as advertised.

However, I was relieved to find out that only the outer packaging was damaged, and the unboxing experience was still as entertaining as expected.

As I began to film my unboxing, the pet started its exciting escape. It took a little while, and at one point the pet seemed to fall asleep after trying so hard to break free.

I had to remove a small piece of tape to help it continue its journey, but then I was able to watch it punch out paw print-shaped holes and get a glimpse of the adorable puppy inside. It eventually ripped away the sides of the package, revealing itself in all its cuteness.

The heavy breathing, scratching sounds, and barking, along with the package movements, actually scared my two cats, who initially thought a real animal was inside. They had been near the box as I filmed the unboxing and immediately ran to hide, only to slowly approach with curiosity later on.

Once the unboxing was complete, I noticed a small hole in the “fur” at the top of the Present Pet’s head. Unfortunately, the toy is quite loud and lacks volume control. Functionality-wise, it doesn’t do much besides barking and walking around.

Nonetheless, it is incredibly cute and definitely a great addition to my collection. It is battery-operated and has an on/off switch, which is a plus.

I was thrilled to receive Sparkle, the one with the lavender eyes, grey ears, and lavender collar. Overall, despite a few minor issues, I am delighted with my Present Pets Diamond/Sparkle experience and would recommend it to any fellow toy collectors and lovers of all things cute and kawaii.

Those expecting more than just a noisy toy, however will be disappointed and tire quickly of the present pet. As someone with auditory sensitivities myself, my own Sparkle will mostly be a shelf baby. Cute but not practical for those seeking a robot companion. That’s to be expected given the price point in comparison to other robots like my Sony Aibo which cost literally 100 times more than a Present Pet.

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