Oodie Unboxing Review

Hey guys and gals, I purchased an “Oodie” and it just arrived so I’m doing an unboxing and try on review for all of you. You can watch the video above or read through my written review here below.

So what is an Oodie? an Oodie is just an oversize fleece lined Hoodie. You can buy them from www.oodie.com

This is not a sponsored review. I just saw a facebook ad and I was like Oh that’s cute. It’s like it’s terrible, ugly, and cute all at the same time. The only thing really making them so cute is the variety of cute animal print patterns they have available.

I chose the otter print which you can find right here: https://us.theoodie.com/products/otter-oodie

I also really like:

The bunny one: https://us.theoodie.com/products/bunny-oodie

Corgi one: https://us.theoodie.com/products/corgi-oodie

Koala one: https://us.theoodie.com/products/koala-wearable-hooded-blanket

Panda one: https://us.theoodie.com/products/panda-oodie

Unicorn one: https://us.theoodie.com/products/unicorn-wearable-hooded-blanket

Avocado Toast one: https://us.theoodie.com/products/avocado-oodie

Bulldog one: https://us.theoodie.com/products/bulldog-oodie

They do have a cat one, but it’s not that cute in my opinion even though I love cats: https://us.theoodie.com/products/cat-hooded-blanket

Like OK – I like almost all of them… And if they were more reasonably priced I’d buy all of them…

Now yes, admittedly, they do have special savings for buying multiple packs, and yes you can select your patterns in those packs…

But for just one oodie it’s regularly priced $99….

THESE ARE NOT WORTH $99 GUYS!! PLEASE!!! I’m sorry, they’re not. That price is CRAY-CRAY!!

I paid $69 for mine…. and I still feel like even THAT price is Crazy. GTFO…. That’s insane.

These are not worth anywhere close to that price.

They should be like $49 regularly priced with like a coupon to make them $29.

That’s the truth OK.

Just from NORMAL WEAR for less than a day, mine had fleece falling off!! $100 for fleece falling off? Get out of here you crazy sons of a…

Like legit all I did was put it on, played some cards, and watched some TV and look, cute picture but I didn’t realize the fleece had pulled off in big chunks and tangled into my hair… until after I took the picture.

My fiance in the pics is just wearing a regular hoodie, not an oodie, and even though it’s not fleece lined, he’s probably still just as warm, and probably actually more comfortable than me, because you know his hoodie actually fits and doesn’t feel like it weighs 20 lbs lol.

My other big complaint is the shade of blue – mine is not as blue as the one in the stock photos. BUT if you look at other people who did reviews, the color is like WAY off in a lot of them!!! There’s one that’s lavender for god’s sake, not even blue. And another one has dark brown otters, instead of the more uhm blonde-ish otters?

I know colors look different on computer screens, but not THAT different lol.

There’s not many reviews for the otter patterned oodie. And I haven’t added mine to the site yet – once I get a cute pic where I don’t have fleece in my face, I will share my thoughts.

In that review, It’d probably be like 3 stars?

Like my big complaints are it’s SO HEAVY…. This company sells weighted blankets too – but to my knowledge, these Oodies aren’t supposed to be weighted? It’s not listed as a selling point, but it puts SO MUCH WEIGHT ON MY BACK AND SHOULDERS – caps for emphasis LOL.

After trying Oodie I can safely say I don’t think weighted blankets are for me.

I like as little clothes as possible. Like if I’m alone being in the buff is the best LOL. I know bad mental image sorry :). But if I have to wear clothes I like dresses and leggings because they’re light weight and not super tight or form restricting. Like I hate jeans for the same reason – soooo heavy ugh.

I want to be freeeee lol.

So number 1, Oodie is heavy!

Number 2 – Oodie fleece falls off – unacceptable for something that cost $100. It’s not like I pulled on it, I wasn’t even active!!! I was sitting playing cards and sitting watching TV that’s IT!!! Unacceptable for the price. Poor quality right there.

Number 3: Oodie is expensive!!!!!!! $99 — Really??? REALLY?! Get out of town. That’s crazy. You know this shit cost them probably like $10 at most to make.

Oodie is FLEECING us – literally – lol.

Number 4: Patterns and Colors are cute but seem to vary widely in what you receive. Case in point the otter oodie – just look at those reviews, where the fook did that lavender one come from? And paler blue than mine? and the majority do have the nice bright “electric blue” color – but color is all over the map. Like I said I totally know color can vary from monitor screens, but – not by that much – not enough to make one lavender – or to make some of the otters brown instead of blonde lol.

OK But those 4 flaws aside…. Yeah I kinda like it. If I hadn’t paid $69 for it, I’d love it and overlook the flaws. If I had paid $49 or $39 for it, I’d give it like 5 stars…. I’m REALLY glad I didn’t pay $99 for this – cuz it’s definitely not worth that much.

That’s my honest opinion. Your mileage may vary.

I still kinda want more oodies – but they are price prohibitive, and quality for the price is not what I would expect at all. Like my fleece shouldn’t be flaking off after just sitting on the couch. It’s never been washed or anything it’s brand new. I have fleece blankets and they don’t peel off everywhere. What’s up with that, huh?

Oodie does have a good deal right now if you buy multiple hoodies, you can save hundreds of dollars – another sign that the single oodie is marked up WAY too high – cuz you know they aren’t going to sell these at a loss in profits. So how can you explain getting like 4 or 5 oodies for the price of 2 oodies?! lol. Stop fleecing us. Lower your non-discount retail price of a single oodie to like 39-49 and I’ll buy damn near every pattern you have – I love the designs enough to overlook the fact that the fleece is fluffing off or that the oodie is damn heavy. lol.

Final verdict: Oodie is cute, warm, cozy, and comfy – but definitely not worth $99 – and not even worth the $69 discounted price I paid.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Oodie? Let me know in the comments section below.