Nylon Fleece Leggings – One Size Fits All – Do They Fit Plus Sized Girls? Fashion Review

Nylon Fleece Leggings – One Size Fits All – Do They Fit Plus Sized Girls? Fashion Review

Warning: These videos have tons of cameltoe, fat girls, who are almost 40 with no bra, uneven boobs, granny panties, and unshaven legs. You have been warned! lol It’s not pretty! Watch at your own risk!

Nylon Fleece Leggings One Size Fits All? Not Quite. Plus Size Girl Fashion Review.

Hi girls! I ordered these fleece lined nylon leggings from some Facebook ad like four months ago that just arrived today. I can’t even remember for sure which brand they are or where I purchased them from.

I ordered three pairs all supposed to be the same just different colors but each pair was a lil bit different.

I try them on for you.

I am 5 ft 5 224 lbs. I carry most my weight in my thighs and ass. I’m usually a size 16 or 18 US or size 1X or even 2X depending on the brand of leggings.

The store only offers one size fits all. Let’s see what happens!

This is not a paid review. I bought these with my own money just sharing my own experiences.

I have three videos for you. I’m copying this description to all three.

Honestly the black ones with lightest fleece fit me well with no cameltoe and a nice color and feel nice and silky but they do snag a little bit but not as much as regular nylons. But they have the least fleece not as warm not acceptable for 20-30 degrees winter outdoor weather but they do look nice on my legs.

The other two pairs two videos almost fit except for major camel toe lol. Not very comfortable but they are warmer and snag resistant.

If you’re wondering if these will fit you I think if you’re like 175-195, the answer is YES, but 200 plus like me, I think the answer is a hard no. No one wants camel toe ever lol.

I assume I’ll get a lot of hate and hurtful comments about my body but it’s OK if my review can help other plus sized women make an informed decision then it’s fine. Fat girls wear clothes too you know lol. I feel like YouTube might delete these videos because of the camel toe but I’ll also be uploading these to my blog at GeekySweetie.com

Thanks for watching!