Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle 66: Start Your Week In Japan - a Great Bundle for Visual Novel Fans

Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle 66: Start Your Week In Japan – a Great Bundle for Visual Novel Fans

I just got an email from Indie Gala about their Every Monday Bundle. And I jumped on it. It included the following games for just $1.99!

Eden* I already have Eden* and it’s a great kinetic novel. What’s a kinetic novel? It might as well be a digital comic book, because all you do is read and look at images. It is NOT a visual novel because it does not have ANY choices or decisions for the player to make. ALL you do is read, and click, and read, and click. So if this turns you off, be warned. I bought it when it first came out assuming it had a branching plot IE I thought it was a visual novel, however IT DOES NOT. SO KEEP THAT IN MIND! It’s still a really really emotionally moving story, with some gorgeous artwork.

X-Note – I have played many games from Zevia and followed her deviant art account for years. I love her cute artwork and great story telling. X-note is an Otome game (a dating sim featuring a female playable protagonist) in which you are searching for clues about your mother’s death.

Higarushi When Cicadas Cry — I’ve been dying to check this novel out. I’m totally happy it was in the bundle, and really my sole reason for purchase. This is a dark horror visual novel, with a lot of psychological twists and turns. There is an anime, that was based on this game as well.

Go! Go! Nippon! This looks like a cute visual novel for learning more about Japanese culture (and maybe some Japanese vocab words too). Looks mostly light hearted and comical in nature from what I can tell.

Blue Rose is an otome game, perfect for my readers. It’s been on my wish list for quite awhile. This is a western developed visual novel, and the art is somewhat amateurish in nature, however the plot and characters seem very solid.

The Clans – a point and click rpg, looks like it was likely made with RPG Maker. Don’t know much about this one. Another somewhat indie/amateurish looking title in my opinion

And two “bullet hell” games: Super Chain Crusher Horizon and Project Root.

Head on over to and check out this deal before it disappears!