Happy Holidays and a Look Ahead

Happy Holidays and a Look Ahead

Thank you all for visiting and reading my humble little blog. I know the post updates had been sparse over the fall. As you can see in my post about Captain Tsubasa, my social life has picked up a lot and I’ve lost the “down time” when I used to be working on creating reviews and sharing news announcements.

I just wanted to take time to first and foremost, wish you all a great 2018 as we roll into the new year, and a happy holiday, Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, or insert winter holiday of choice greetings here.

The other thing I wanted to share is a preview of some of the posts that I will hopefully be working on over the winter break to share with all of you.

This schedule is tentative and subject to change. But if you see a game or anime on the list here, then you’ll know when to check back to see if the review is posted. 🙂 At least that’s the idea. And it will also hold me a little accountable as well to make sure things stay updated here.

I have trouble “saving” my reviews lol. As you can see in the past few days I’ve shared a lot of reviews in rapid succession. But I’m going to try really hard to not pre-release any of these upcoming reviews, so there should be weekly updates for at least the first quarter of 2018, with the plan to work on another yet to be determined schedule while first quarter is happening, that will get us through the rest of the first half of the year. The hope is that by giving myself a 3 month window, I should be able to find time within that window to keep creating more and more content.

Also if you didn’t know, we do accept guest content here. If you’re promoting a product or service of some sort, we can discuss rates for sponsored posts (typically $50 per post for content provided by your team, or $100 for content I have to create on my end). But for posts not designed at promoting anything, for example, an anime review with a link back to your own anime website, etc, that’s completely free, just drop me a comment or shoot me an email and we can work together! 🙂

So hopefully there will be lots of great content coming your way. I thank you all for your support thus far and hope you will continue reading in 2018.

Here’s a look at our tentative upcoming posts schedule:

Today: Catherine Full Body Gaming News Announcement – To Be StartedDone – and Posted Here.


CocoPPa Play Updated Review: December 28th – Done and Scheduled to be Posted. Posted Here.


Please Save My Earth Anime and Manga Review: January 4th – Editing Done and Scheduled to be Posted. Posted Here

Windaria Anime Review: January 11th – To Be Started Done and Scheduled to Be Posted

Ancient Magus Bride Anime Review: January 18th – To Be Started Done and Posted Here

Love is a Cocktail Anime Review:January 25th – To Be Started


Terraria Review: February 1st – To Be Started

Convenience Store Boyfriends Anime Review – February 8th – To Be Started

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 HD Remix Review – February 15th – To Be Started Done and Scheduled to be Posted.

Persona 5 Review – February 22nd – To Be Started


Tokyo Mirage Sessions Review – March 1st – To Be Started

Clannad Visual Novel Game Review – March 8th – To Be Started

Highschool Debut Manga Review – March 15th – To Be Started

Angel Eyes Korean Drama Review – March 22nd – To Be Started

Da Cappo Visual Novel Game Review – March 29th to Be Started