Free Games With Amazon Games For Amazon Prime Members

Free Games With Amazon Games For Amazon Prime Members

Did you know you can get over 40 free games just by being a member of Amazon Prime? Not only can you get free games, but also free in game content in popular games such as Roblox and Fall Guys. I got an epic santa costume set and rare winter clothing set in Fall Guys. I also got 41 free games just by linking my amazon prime membership and downloading them amazon games client. The amazon games client is very similar to Steam or GOG or other similar PC gaming platforms. It has a lot of games you can buy as well as free games you can play.

I had never heard of this before even though I’d been an Amazon Prime member for several years. I think this is something new. Previously they would offer free in game content via partnership with Twitch. But now they have their own gaming client.

You can sign up and link your Amazon Prime account at

There is a limited time to claim each deal, whether it be a free game or in game content. Most of the current deals are expiring in the next 4-8 weeks so make sure you sign up soon to take advantage of these great offers.

New deals are released all the time. Cuz what’s better than gaming? Free gaming, am I right? Right! 🙂 Grab that loot! Don’t wait. Link up today!