Best Women’s Wide Width Shoes For Walking All Day At Walt Disney World

Best Women’s Wide Width Shoes For Walking All Day At Walt Disney World

I’m going to Disney World in October 2021. I am still trying to find that perfect pair of shoes. I have a very very wide flat foot and constant feet/leg/knee pain. I’ve asked around and purchased some shoes based on recommendations from others online. But even some of those recommendations didn’t work out for me. Here’s what’s worked, and what has been returned so far.

Updated 8/01/2021 (newest updates near top):

Easy Spirit Tabata Sandals

I’m so excited to tell you about these shoes. These are my favorite favorite pair from this whole list so far!!

The item I purchased was:

Easy Spirit
Tabata 7 Denim 8.5 WW (EE)


  • Comes In Double Wide
  • Adjustable Velcro Straps
  • THEY FIT!!!!
  • I wasn’t crazy about the color/style – but other people like them, I get a lot of compliments!
  • SO comfortable – I can’t stress this enough – they’re AMAZING
  • Zappos Return Policy is very generous. I ordered some other shoes which I’ll share below which had to be sent back. Easy peasy. They have a 365 day return policy incase you feel lazy – but the sooner you return – the sooner you get refunded.
  • These ones definitely aren’t being returned though. I am in love with these shoes!


  • Literally only comes in this one color
  • There have been many other releases of Tabata by Easy Spirit but this “version 7” is the newest release. I am going to order some of the older versions – in hopes they are the same shoe – just different colors. For example Tabata 2 comes in like 10 colors lol.

Final Verdict: It’s a keeper and it is going to Disney World – FOR SURE – best shoes ever. I’m going to order more.

SAS Embark Sandals

I loved these and almost wanted to keep them, but the ankle strap…. dug into me a bit. Not for us ladies with CANKLES. (fat women who have no definition between calf and ankle lol).

The item I ordered was:

Embark Nero 8.5 WW – Double Wide (D)


  • Awesome Footbed – Footbed is wide and very cushioned. Felt nice and luxorious.
  • Loved the black with tiny silver sparkle accents – SO pretty – feminine – even SEXY – which is so hard to find in a DOUBLE WIDE women’s shoe.
  • I liked these – I really liked these – except…. (see the Cons)


  • It had a hard – VERY thick ankle strap – and yes, all the straps are velcro – BUT I have Cankles. I am extra Cankley. No lie. And my fat folds around my ankle and my fat folded right over this ankle strap.
  • I walked around the house 10-15 minutes and decided that this ankle strap was going to eventually hurt me.
  • It was SO HARD and THICK and just UNFORGIVING as heck.
  • The ankle strap was too thick and went up too high onto my leg. It was the only flaw – but a critical one for me.
  • Also if price is a factor for you – these are almost $200 – but they are VERY attractive shoes – and if you don’t have fat ankles like me – these are very comfy shoes.

Final Verdict: Returned.

Trotters Tiki

These were quite similar to my Vionics ordered before – shared below.

The item I ordered was:

Womens Tiki Black Nubuck Leather 8.5 WW (EE)


  • Double wide
  • All velcro
  • Adjustable
  • Fit pretty well
  • Lightweight
  • Soft
  • Pretty comfy


  • The piece in the middle was leaving a little imprint or mark on the top of my foot, so I just removed it, because it just slid across the straps, not sewn on or anything. They look a little weird without it lol. But otherwise, now they fit and feel much better.

Final Verdict: I kept these – They might go to Disney if I don’t find something better. Right now I have 2 or 3 pairs I like better – but these might be a “just in case”.

Skechers Go Walk Arch Support Slides

I bought these from a store called Hitchcock’s – If you send them your measurements – which I did not – they can adjust and size shoes to fit you. And every shoe on their website is wide. The selection – especially for women isn’t great. But these shoes turned out pretty OK – They are coming to Disney World with me.

The Item I purchased was:


  • They –mostly– fit there are a FEW issues – see cons below
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • They are bouncy soft like moon shoes – whee.
  • They look pretty – I received compliments – people saying they loved my shoes
  • They do stretch some over-time which solves the cons – kinda.
  • Just slip on and off


  • They are a LITTLE snug in the width department – just a little. I can’t adjust the strap because it’s not an easily manipulable material. If they had one or two more notches in the straps – or if they were velcro instead of the little needle into the hole design – they’d be flawless. If I contacted Hitchcocks or ordered another pair I bet they could add a few extra holes for me or stretch them using a shoe stretcher. I do find each time I wear them, they’re getting stretched a bit and moulding more to my feet.
  • The buckle and straps don’t lay flat – I think it’s because they’re a little bit too narrow for me – but overtime I noticed this less.
  • Some people might not like the textured footbed, it does take some time to get used to it. It’s intended to massage and stimulate your feet.
  • I didn’t see this wide item available on Skechers website. Might be made special for or adjusted by Hitchcocks.

Final Verdict: I kept them, wear them a lot – and they’ll be going to Disney World.

Kizik Women’s Cairo

The item I purchased was: Kizik Women’s Cairo

I saw these on Facebook. They’re supposed to stretch to fit your feet and be able to put on just by stepping into them. They do not make wide sizes, but I thought since they’re so stretchy, they might fit. I was wrong.


  • A lot of colors and styles
  • You can just step into them (if they fit you – they didn’t fit me)


  • Not wide – at all – hurt my foot – I did get it on, but almost couldn’t get it off lol
  • Return process is a huge hassle. I didn’t see any way to return them so I emailed their support team and it took them almost 3 weeks to respond to me. They sent me a label in the mail and also one I can print myself. So I am in the process of returning these.
  • Expensive – but so are a lot of others on our list. These ones are $99 before shipping and taxes and etc.

Final Verdict: Not wide enough for me – returning. – And their return process is a hassle. I recommend avoiding these because of the lengthy return process.

Propet Women’s Joelle Slide Sandals

These came in a double wide, so I gave them a shot, despite another pair of Propets being very ill-fitting below.

The item I purchased was: Propet Women’s Joelle Slide Sandals from Famous Footwear.
Women’s Joelle Medium/Wide Slide Sandal
Color: Blue Snake Leather
Size: 8.5 2E EXTRA WIDE
Quantity: 1


  • I think they fit better than the last pair of Propets below
  • Velcro adjustable straps
  • Super easy return policy (Spoiler: I returned these lol) Just walked right into Famous Footwear – showed my order confirmation email, they scanned a thing, and put the funds back on my card. I like that.


  • The footbed had some weird design of a raised color strip of shreded fabric or shreded leather – as a design choice – it’s weird because no one will see it on the footbed – and from a comfort standpoint – it was hurting my feet – rubbing and pressing around my arches.

Final Verdict: Returned to my local Famous Footwear – Easiest return out of all of these so far.

Propet’s Women Walker’s Sandal

These are the other Propets I ordered. These ones came from Amazon. They are the illest fitting shoes I’ve ever purchased and were quickly returned. Thanks to Amazon Prime I was able to return these to my local Kohls.

The item I purchased was:

Propet Women’s W0001 Breeze Walker Sandal, Black Grain, 8 X (US Women’s 8 EE)


  • I dunno because they didn’t fit me in width nor length
  • Amazon Prime Members can return to local stores such as Kohls and Whole Foods.


  • Definitely did not fit me. My toes hung over the edge. Order at least one size up if you’re ordering these.
  • They looked and felt cheaply made.

Final Verdict: Returned.

Telic Boise Bliss Rose Quartz

This is another pair from a Facebook Ad. They didn’t come in Wide so I ordered a size up just to try. I did poke my own extra holes in the straps using a nail – and a lot of effort lol. After poking them, I knew I couldn’t return them – but now they mostly fit me – I might have to poke one more hole in one of them – the other one is perfect – we all have one bigger foot you know. So I kept these. They’re mostly sold out at this time.

The item I purchased was: Telic Boise Bliss Rose Quartz size M – US Women’s 9 / Men’s 8


  • They are made of a spongey type of material so you can pierce the straps with a nail to add some extra holes to increase the width
  • Good arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Comfy
  • So many colors – I love the pink ones I ordered but also love the mint green color too.
  • Slip on design


  • If you don’t want to stab them with a nail to add some more holes to both straps – I would say these are not for wide feet.
  • The fact that I can stab and pierce the material – makes me wonder – what would happen if I stepped on a nail or rock or piece of glass – etc LOL – I think they’re overcharging for really super cheap rubbery material and am pretty concerned that these will not hold up well overtime.
  • The thing that makes them a Pro in this case might also be a Con lol.

Final Verdict: I kept them, I like/love them, but not sure if they will come to Disney because of the above-mentioned uhm porosity (I guess for lack of a better word) or sponginess of the materials used in construction? Glad I got them though since they’re sold out now in my size.

Teva Women’s Ascona Sport Web

The Item I purchased: Teva Women’s Ascona Sport Web 8.5 (they didn’t offer wide, but it had adjustable straps so I took a chance. It is not the item in the pic below).

Sadly, this is another return for me. It almost fit, except for the strap closest to the ankle strap (not the ankle strap itself, the next one up.) There’s a good 2 inches between end one and end 2. All of the other straps fit well. Ankle, and the 2 or 3 toe straps. But the one strap right on the middle of the foot – too short. I can’t fasten it.


  • Footbed Felt Super Soft And Cushioned And Awesome
  • Every strap except for one fit me
  • Could have probably cut that strap off and still had a secure fit – but too expensive for that much trouble
  • Light weight!!! MUCH lighter than my other Teva reviewed below (the ones I actually kept.)


That one damn strap is super short and it’s tied to the other straps above, so if I loosen it, the others get too tight.

  • It just doesn’t fit
  • Not wide enough
  • About 2-3 inches too short of a strap
  • Does not come in Wide

Final Verdict: Not wide enough, returning. Almost fit, except for one strap not being long enough – had that one strap been longer – they would have been quite comfortable. I debated just cutting that strap off – but for $80.00 I rather return them for a refund.

Clarks Women’s Arla Gracie Sandal

The item I purchased was:

I purchased this one through Amazon. I went with an 8.5 Wide in the coral color.

Unfortunately, these cute strappy sandals didn’t fit. Not wide enough for me to get my foot into the top part of them. Since only the ankle strap was adjustable – and even that was tight. Despite being marketed as wide shoes, these just aren’t wide at all.


  • Comfy Footbed With Lots Of Cushioning
  • Cute feminine colors


  • Not wide enough
  • Only one strap is adjustable
  • Seemed to run long in length

Final Verdict: Returning these ones since I can’t even get them on


The Item I tried on was:

HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Bondi 7 Running Shoes in 8.5 wide

Someone recommended these to me today and to my surprise, my local Dick’s had them in an 8.5 wide (my usual size). Also to my surprise, they are SO TIGHT and Ill-Fitting and HARD as rocks and HURT that I only kept em on my feet for 5 seconds. I couldn’t stand it AT ALL. It felt like something was PRESSING DOWN HARD on the top of my foot. I assume they just weren’t wide enough for me, despite being marketed as wide width. Works for some people, some people love them, but NOT ME – worst of the worst! Absolutely horrible. Glad I was able to try them on and save myself $150 and the hassle of returns.


  • Colorful
  • Lightweight
  • Firm Arch Support
  • Available locally even in small towns


  • Even the wide evidentally is not wide enough for me
  • SOMETHING was PRESSING DOWN on the top of my foot
  • Excruciating Pain – never felt pain like this in my whole life from a pair of shoes. Removed them immediately.
  • Again the idea of wearing tennis shoes at Disney World worries me because of heat, humidity, water rides, wet socks, and wet shoes, and sweaty feet causing blisters. Other people do it, but I much prefer an open toe design and waterproof shoe without needing socks.
  • Expensive – $150 at my local Dicks

Final Verdict: Absolutely hated them. Grateful Dicks had them so I could try them on. They hurt worse than any shoe I’ve ever had on my feet in my life. Simply NOT WIDE enough even though they supposedly were “wide width”


I purchased this item last week from Woman Within because they were on clearance.

The Item I purchased was:

The Alivia Sandal

  • Color: Dusty Pink
  • Size: 8-WW
  • Price: $23.39
  • Quantity: 1

Even though it was marked as double wide, not wide enough AGAIN for me, couldn’t even get my feet inside even though I pulled and stretched and yanked at the upper part of the shoes for a good 15 minutes. The soles feel wonderful, but the upper part is too tight, my ankle is hanging off the back of the shoe, because my feet are too fat to push my feet forward all the way into the toe space. I can only get in about 2/3 of the way. At least I purchased them on massive clearance. The sale is over now and they’re back up to over $80.


  • Cute Colors
  • Comfy Soles
  • Lightweight
  • Slip On Design
  • Breathable Open Toe Design


  • Even the double Wide is too narrow – my feet just can’t fit. I’m bummed about that. So back they go.

Final Verdict: Wanted to love them, got a great buy, and it’s actually going to cost me half that price almost ($9.99) to return them, but they just aren’t wide enough for me and don’t fit me. Sigh. Story of my life!!

Brooks Running Shoes

The Item I purchased was:

Ariel ’20 $160.00
Item #: 1203152E064.085
Attributes: Color: 064 – Black/Ebony/Blue Size: 8.5 Womens Width: Extra Wide 2E

These were the first shoes recommended to me for Disney World. They are plenty wide enough, going up to double wide in a few select styles. They might be almost TOO wide…. NOT SURE yet… They DO have a generous 90 day return policy even if worn and used. I’m on the fence about returning these and trying for just single wide instead of double wide…. My foot slips in these and I feel the heel of the shoe rubbing my heel which I think after 10-12 miles a day for 8 days, my feet will kill me and have angry heel blisters… I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I need a smaller width, or a smaller length… Or both maybe. I have until September 11, 2021 to return these, and I think they’ll be going back. Also with Florida heat and humidity and water rides at the parks… I think soggy sweaty shoes and wet socks will also produce some scary blisters. Not to mention my feet feel hot and warm in these already, even here near Pittsburgh where the heat and humidity are much milder than in Florida.


  • 90 Day Return Policy Even When Worn And Used
  • Plenty Wide Enough – Even Maybe Too Wide…
  • Great Support And Traction
  • Balance Correcting Shoes
  • Looks Nice


  • Expensive
  • Too Wide For Me (or I need to go down in length not sure. Shopping for shoes online is so hard!)
  • Only 2 colors/styles available for Women’s Double Wide Widths
  • Honestly not comfortable, between my heel slipping and rubbing the back of the shoe, and just being super hard and firm, these don’t feel comfortable at all.
  • Fear Of Blisters From Heel Slipping And Rubbing Back Of Shoe
  • Fear Of Heat/Sweat/Water

Final verdict: Probably going to return. Not Sure If I’ll Exchange Them For Another Size Or Just Get Refund.

Fit Flops

The item I purchased was:


Product code: 193998989904
uk 6 us 8 eu 39
Qty: 1

Several people recommended Fit Flops. I can never wear regular Flip Flops because of my super wide feet. My widest part is right before the toes begin at the top of the foot. So the way Flip Flops have that inverted V style strap makes them too narrow to fit my feet. People promised me that Fit Flops were different. And the footbed (in my hands) felt so soft and light and amazing… BUT… for me… I couldn’t get my wide feet into these darn things – as expected. No can do. Already sent them back and still waiting on my refund. I was sad to have to return these because they are so cute. But they literally don’t fit. If you have wide feet – like REALLY WIDE feet – like me – these are a hard pass.


  • Beautiful colors and large selection
  • Feels like a nice light weight soft material
  • Breathable, Cool, and Waterproof


  • Not Wide Enough – Literally could not get my feet even half way inside them

Final Verdict: Returned about 2 weeks ago – still waiting on my refund.


The Item I purchased was:


Qty: 1

Color: PINK

Size: 08

Product Total: $90.00

I decided to keep my Tevas Hurricanes although I’m NOT sure they’re the right shoes for Disney World. They’re JUST BARELY wide enough. And they feel extremely heavy on my feet. They have a million (OK 3 or 4) velcro adjustable straps. And again, my problem area is the top of my foot shortly before where my toes begin. I’m super wide at this point. There is a strap right at this point… It’s velcro so I can adjust it, but… even as loosely as I can make that strap it still feels a little bit snug. If I try to cheat and make it even looser by not lining up the velcro exactly, I can feel velcro digging at me sometimes. And there’s a big metal buckle on my pair (not shown in the picture I see my link is generating here on this article) But the big metal buckle is pinching my wide feet. I feel like it could ALMOST work, but not quite… But they’re pink and have glitter – and I can never find cute feminine shoes in a wide width… and for like day to day errands and stuff – they’re fine… I just don’t think they’re “DISNEY WORLD FINE”. For Disney World, I need better than Fine – I need EXTREME COMFORT and EXCELLENT FIT. This is like “Mostly Fits” and “Kinda Comfy” But misses the mark for me, but not enough so that I would return them. In Fact, I MIGHT try to order a second pair of Tevas – but one without that metal buckle – and maybe order a size up to see if that gives me some more width.


  • Comfy Footbed
  • Water Proof
  • Breathable
  • Cool
  • Adjustable


  • Despite Being Adjustable – They’re still not REALLY wide enough. The back ankle strap is SOOOOO long that the designer’s logo is on the side of my ankle and could STILL go tighter – MEANWHILE the Toe Strap(s) are too short to REALLY fit my Wide Feet
  • That Damn Buckle Is So Hard And Pokes My Foot
  • Velcro Can Be Felt Rubbing Against My Feet If I Don’t Have The Straps Done Right
  • They ARE HEAVY!!!!! SUPER HEAVY!!! UGH….

Final Verdict: Kept Them – MIGHT try them at Disney World – But most likely will just keep them for day to day use. Might order another pair of Tevas in a different style – specifically one without a metal buckle, and might order a size up to see if that offers any more width.


The item I ordered was from Amazon this time

This is what I ordered:

Vionic Women’s Amber
Size: 8 Wide | Color: Pink Snake

These are my leading pair here so far – saved the best for last right? I ordered mine on Amazon and the reviews mention that the velcro will break after a few weeks – I’ve only had my pair for about 3 days so I don’t know yet how durable these shoes really are. But DAMN GIRL these shoes are SO LIGHT and COMFY and PLENTY WIDE. And the pale pink color looks fabulous with a wide range of skin tones and colors. They are Cute and Comfy and WIDE – but not TOO wide – Perfect width for my Wide feet. I love them. I’ve been wearing them every day for the past three days since they arrived.


  • Wide Enough And Not Too Wide
  • Super Comfy Cushioned Footbed
  • Breathable Open Toe Design


  • Might Not Be Waterproof – Might Have Some Issues Once They Get Wet – We Will See?
  • Several users have reported that the velcro wears out extremely quickly or that the straps break; I have not owned mine long enough to find out – but it would suck to find this out at Walt Disney World.

Final Verdict: IT’S A KEEPER – I’m definitely still looking for 1 or 2 more good pairs of shoes to switch in between each day at Disney World (which is what people recommend regardless of what shoes you take). In this case, also taking some other pairs along in case the velcro breaks on these like so many reviewers complain of on Amazon. Just in case!

So What Do I Normally Wear When I’m Not At Disney World?

We all have feet and we all have places to go and in the USA everywhere is “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” So obviously I’m wearing SOMETHING already every day right? Well yes, obviously. But they’re not the comfiest. They START OUT amazing – but over time they hurt my feet.

My GO TO – summer casual shoes are Under Armor Velcro Slides. I have been buying a new pair every summer. I took them to the beach, went in the ocean in them, and everything. They’re SO comfy and fit perfectly on my wide feet. They might be Men’s shoes or unisex shoes I’m not sure – but they fit me! so YAY.

Under Amor Slides:

In fact, as I typed up this review I decided to go ahead and order another pair.

The item I just ordered is:

Women’s UA Ignite IX Slides

Sku: 3022717-300-8

Color: Breeze / Stellar Pink – 300

Size: 8

Qty: 1

The problem begins after months of use – they get… worn down? I don’t know how else to describe it… The memory foam in the sole loses its cushioning – and I feel a very very strong impact with EVERY step. I think that’s why my feet are in pain every day even when I’m not doing anything, even sitting or laying or barefoot. My feet and legs and knees hurt always. These shoes start out feeling like walking on clouds but after just day to day use they get smooshed down until they have NO shock Absorption at all… DEFINITELY NOT APPROPRIATE FOR DISNEY WORLD… NO WAY. Shock Absorption is SO IMPORTANT. You will walk an average of 10-12 miles a day!! and most people do 8-10 days in Disney – so you’ll rack up about 100 miles at the end of your trip!!! Imagine that with no shock absorption – YIKES….

While I mostly love under armor slides for day-to-day errands or even shorter trips with less activity, I don’t recommend them for Disney World.

But if you want a comfy pair of slides, check them out. I got mine at Dick’s. And then I just ordered another pair right now on Under Amor’s official site.


  • Tons and Tons Of CUTE COLORS
  • WIDE! Fit Great!
  • At First They Feel AMAZING Like Walking On Clouds (But that quickly changes)
  • Still Even After The Cushioning Is Worn Down, They Remain Lightweight, Breathable, And Even Waterproof
  • CHEAP – $29.99!!! Compared to shoes on this list that cost $160 or up – these are a steal.


  • The Cushioning Gets Worn Down SUPER QUICKLY
  • Which Leads To Having NO SHOCK ABSORPTION AT ALL!
  • Probably Damaging My Feet In The Long Run…

Final Verdict: Still Love Them, Buy Them Every Year. I will probably wear these on the plane and around the hotel resort anyways so they’ll still be coming to Disney World – but I think around the park, they will hurt me because of no Shock Absorption. Maybe my new pair I just ordered will last the week – but putting 100 miles on them by the end of the week, I know they’ll be shot down afterward. Still, for $29, throw them away, or bring a couple of pairs, and throw each of them away after.

What Do I Wear In Rain Or Snow?

You won’t have to worry about Snow in Florida at Disney World – and even if there’s rain, many of the shoes on this list are waterproof and the rain is usually fleeting and mild. But if you’re like me, and live in a cold climate where it snows 6+ months out of the year, you might be looking for a nice year round shoe that will protect you from the elements.

I generally tend to prefer Skechers and Bobs (a brand also by Skechers) because they run wider than most of their competitors. I did buy a pair of Nike, wide or even extra-wide, last year, or the year before and those have been my go to winter shoes but I will say – Every shoe is different even by the same manufacturer. I tried on like 4 Nike “Wide” and only one fit me – and after having them a year or two… I STILL notice they’re just not wide enough to be comfy for me. I feel a pinch near the toe box area. Not at the front, not in length, but on each side, squeezing my toes.

Someone recommended to me to try Men’s shoes that they run wider, but my own research suggests that men’s shoes are wider at the heel, and narrower at the toe. And women’s shoes are wider at the toe and narrower at the heels. Apparently, men’s and women’s feet are shaped differently, who knew right? So I have not tried a men’s wide Nike yet, and I dunno if I would try it or not.

In high school I also used to buy Fila, because I felt that they also ran wider than most other brands.

Your mileage may vary.

No two feet are exactly alike.

No matter what, bring multiple pairs of shoes to Disney World and walk several miles first to break them in.

Happy shopping – and have a great time at Disney, blisters and all. What are a few blisters, compared to once in a lifetime vacation memories, right? 🙂

If you’re going in October for the 50th anniversary, maybe see you there!!

I will update this post as I continue to buy new shoes. I have one more pair on its way in the mail. Check back for new updates up through October.

After my trip in October, I’ll update this article to let you know which shoes I decided to take, and how each one made me feel after each day in the parks.

Stay tuned!