Become a Clover POS Dealership

Clover by First data is one of the country’s most fastest and popular growing point of sale system (POS).  It is however not hard to figure out why Clover is so much powerful, modern and versatile. If you want to take advantage of Clovers for any type of business, you have either got to be business owners who uses Clover or a dealer who can help other businesses to get their own system up and running.

If you are willing to become a Clover dealer, then we will help you in how to become a Clover Dealer.

Why to take Clover Dealership:

Becoming Clover dealer means that you are committing yourself to work with other businesses to help them in improving their business, scale, and upgrade their business model. Clover is one of the great tools for doing all of those things. Clover hardware is featuring sleek modern design with touch screen functionality and complete antimicrobial glass, multiple mobile POS platform options, swivel stand, full PCI-DSS compliance and encryption, NFC payment compatibility, EMV chip compatibility and many more other facilities. Clover also offers you the third party app called the App Market, which will let your businesses to customize their Clover station POS system with software applications that can do everything starting from marketing automation to accounting integration.

Another great feature for selling Clover is that the hardware is now compatible with legacy POS systems like Springboard, ShopKeep and Breadcrumb. So, instead of limiting your potential sales to new businesses or those looking for their first POS system, as a clover dealer, you just need to do be a Clover register and you will be able to sell hardware to those with established systems to give them the best of both worlds that is the Clover hardware without a messy migration to worry about.

Another important part for the success of your business is the payment processing. You may have the perfect business operation but it would be nothing if your customers cannot able to buy your products quickly and easily. But most of the businesses do not involve their time and resources necessary to put in place the correct merchant account solutions.

Merchant account solutions is simple used to offering credit cards as a payment options but up to 30% of online payments are made by methods are than credit cards. Credit cards ought to be a part of the payment processing system. A quick search in the internet reveals that thousands of companies are offering credit card processing.

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