5 Great Anime to Watch with Your Girlfriend

The phrase ‘anime you can watch with your girlfriend’ is typically associated with Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpieces, and that’s ok. After all, he’s brilliant. But in addition to Spirited Away and Ponyo, there are other cool Japanese anime your girlfriend will like even if she’s not an anime fan. We chose five best examples.

The Hunters of Forgotten Voices (2011)

The young girl Asuna lives with her mother in the Japanese village. She spends every evening climbing over the hill and listening to the old radio she got from her father. One day, on her way home, Asuna gets attacked by a mysterious monster, but a stranger named Shin rescues her. Soon Asuna learns that Shin, just like the monster, is from a parallel magical world.

Why you should watch it

It’s the best work of Makoto Shinkai, whose projects are famous for their enchanting landscapes and attention to detail. From the point of view of the quality of graphics and animation, Shinkai’s films compete with, and sometimes even outperform Hayao Miyazaki’s works. This is a very beautiful anime.

Wolf Children (2012)

The girl Hana falls in love with the werewolf and has two kids with him – the boy Ame and the girl Yuki. After her loved one’s death, Hana takes the children to a distant village, where Ame and Yuki can grow up calmly, developing both human and wolf nature. Over the years, Yuki begins to gravitate towards human life and decides never to turn into a wolf again, while Ame is gradually distancing himself from the family and becomes a protégé of a wise fox guarding the nearby forest.

Why you should watch it

Wolf Children is considered one of the best works of Mamoru Hosoda. It’s a touching and multifaceted story about growing up, the importance of the family, and the eternal conflict between fathers and children.

Little Witch Academia (2013/2015)

This is a two-part anime about the adventures of three friends studying at Luna Nova Magical Academy. In the first episode, the girls fight with monsters in the dungeon, and in the second, they prepare for the magic parade.

Why you should watch it

This cartoon gives as much endorphins as a couple pounds of chocolate. This is a positive, kind, and a slightly naive tale about friendship. Plus, the anime was made as part of the project for training young animators, created by the Japanese Ministry of Culture.

Mai Mai Miracle (2009)

9-year-old Shinko Aoki lives in a small town of Hofu in 1955. From her grandfather, she learns that a thousand years ago, her town was connected with Kyoto, the capital of the Japanese empire. The girl begins fantasizing, vividly seeing the pictures from the past and ‘letting’ the ancient way of life into the modern world.

Why you should watch it

This anime is about unlimited children’s imagination, freedom, and carelessness. In addition, Mai Mai Miracle is one of those so-called ‘summer anime’ which are always sunny, soulful, and bright.

 Metropolis (2001)

Detective Shunsaku Ban and his nephew Kenichi come to Metropolis to find Doctor Laughton, the man wanted for selling human organs. In the meantime, Laughton, under the direction of Duke Red, who runs the city, creates the first artificial man Tima, who looks exactly like Duke Red’s late daughter. Kenichi meets Tima, taking her for a simple girl, who can’t remember who she is.

Why you should watch it

Metropolis is based on the same-name manga, written by Osamu Tezuka in 1949. Tezuka is often called the ‘god of anime’ and officially considered the founder of the modern Japanese manga. Metropolis stands out not only with Tezuka’s distinguished artistic style, but also a deep story that touches upon social and racial inequality.

If you haven’t watched these masterpieces yet, it’s time to do it. Have no one to share your passion for anime? Check out this online Ukraine dating service and find yourself a devoted anime fan, just like you.