Zookeeper Battle VS Free Ipad Game Like Tetris But With Cute Animals

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Zookeeper vs iPad game

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Been a lonnnng time since I’ve posted anything for you guys. So here is a review of one of my favorite Ipad Games (plus hey it’s free, so you should really check it out!)

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Just sharing cute images from one of my favorite iPad games, zookeeper vs

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Ok So here comes the Review of Zookeeper Battle (I think when I first downloaded the app, it was called Zookeeper VS)

Zookeeper Battle VS Review by GeekySweetie

Title: Zookeeper Battle (VS)

Platform: Ipad/Iphone (possibly android too?)

Publisher: Kiteretsu

Cost: FREE (optional in game purchases are available but not required)

Get it in the gamestore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zookeeper-battle/id548270497?mt=8

Geeky: 1/5

Sweetie: 5/5

Total Score:  45 / 70 possible points

64.3% D Overall: Average Game For Girls

Zookeeper vs iPad game

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OVERVIEW: It’s a very cute tetris-like game. you arrange blocks and match shapes and colors to make room for new blocks. However, the blocks are all super cute animal heads.

The other, and more fun (in my opinion), aspect of this app is the “Gacha” system which allows you to win neat decorative items to decorate your zoo. You start with just one “exhibit” open to decorate, and as you progress, you (very slowly) unlock more exhibits. You can place one animal in each exhibit. You get to choose your first starter animal from a lineup including a bunny, alligator, elephant, lion, girraffe, and more. You get to win new animals, in new colors, and styles by playing the gacha.

You can purchase (with real money) platinum gacha tokens, but you don’t HAVE to purchase these, because you can also win them quite easily by participating in in-game events.

The animals and decorations that you add have an effect on your gameplay too! they’re not JUST for looks. They have a “Cute” and a “Cool” score (hmm kinda like our review system actually lol). These points help you in battles and in game events. You want to get as many Cute and Cool points as possible to attract zoo supporters (npcs) who will help you in the events, and the cute and cool points are what determines win/lose against various event bosses and battles. You want to win these battles because you get more super rare items and animals this way, most are limited time only items.

So you have a power / energy bar with 6 “slots”. Energy can be regained by using a power bottle (which can be purchased or won), or by just turning the app off and waiting about 30 minutes.

Each “VS” battle (that’s against a real player, just like yourself) costs 1 energy point.

Event “boss” battles cost 2 energy points. While other event battles “vandals” cost 1 energy point.

The game is seriously hard. I’ll be the first to admit, I kinda suck at this game lol. Your mileage may vary. You’re racing against the clock and other players in the “VS” mode, by eliminating certain animal blocks you get defense points, and by eliminating other blocks you earn attack points. If your attack is higher than your opponents’ defense, you score damage equal to the difference. Example, if your attack is 130, and your opponent’s defense is 80, you will shave off 50 hit points from your opponent’s life pool.

The first person to lose all of their life points loses the battle. OR if both opponents still have partial life points, the winner will be determined at the end of round 5, by selecting the player with the highest life points as the winner.

Zookeeper vs iPad game

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Graphics: 9/10

The main reason to play this game is to collect the cute animals and decor items. They are adorable, and there are hundreds of things to collect. I did take one point off because it does not have a landscape format while playing on Ipad which forces me to hold my Ipad in an awkard and uncomfortable fashion while playing the game. (IE: the images do not detect landscape mode: turning/tilting the ipad horizontally.)


N/A (There is no story) I was originally going to give this a score of zero out of ten, but that lowered the overall score so severely that it no longer accurately reflected how much I would recommend this game. So I just chose to ommit this category for this review. Just bear in mind there is no story, at all, period.

Concept: 7/10

A fun twist on traditional tetris like games, made more cute with decorating the zoo exhibits and cute animals. The gacha keeps the game fresh and keeps you playing to win new decor items. But overall, it is a simple game, and not overly original, just very cute and addicting.

Gameplay 8/10

This game is very challenging (sometimes frustrating). It gets high marks for gameplay due to the level of skill and speed required. The fact that you can play against real people from all over the world is also fun. There’s always lots of people online playing this game, with over 8 million players worldwide. Therefore there is no downtime or waiting required. It does eventually come to an “end” when you reach level 150, you will unlock your last “exhibit” and not be able to expand beyond that point. I’m only level 33 and have played it for almost 2 years (off/on) so I think that for most people there is plenty to strive for. The gacha system keeps things fresh and keeps you wanting to play again and again. It loses a point or two for me with lack of any real “social” elements. You can add friends and visit their zoos, but you don’t actually have to visit them, you can hit a button that says “visit all” and just collect your rewards and be on your way, so very rarely will anyone other than yourself see all of your cute zoo exhibits. People don’t chat or do much, you can’t trade gacha items for example, or anything else which would increase the need for playing with friends.

Characters: 4/10

There are lots of CUTE characters, but no story or any real value in them beyond the stat boost they give and them being cute.

Music 2/10

Really repetitive music, gets old fast. Also music seems louder in this app than many other games I play.  Grates on your nerves very quickly due to the repetitiveness and volume of the music.

Voiceacting: N/A (no voice acting)

Customization: 10/10

I added this category of customization because I needed to balance out the “negative” aspects of my review to get to a total score that more closely represented how I felt about this game.

Customization is HUGE in this game and is one of the main (only?) reasons to play this game. You get to select your animal, background, and accessory for each of your zoo exhibits. So many cute options here! I love this aspect of the game, and am basing my recommendation for you to check out this game largely on this feature alone.

Total Score:  45 / 70 possible points

64.3% D Overall: Average Game For Girls