Winky Lux Lavender Confetti Lip Balm PH Pheromone Color Changing Lip Balm Review

Winky Lux Lavender Confetti Lip Balm PH Pheromone Color Changing Lip Balm Review

I have a few videos in this review. I’ll just leave these here at the front of this review for you to check out.

In the first video, I was in my bathroom and using the mirror with poor lighting, weird camera angles, and also did not give it enough time to properly work as it takes about 5-10 minutes to react to your pheromones. After leaving the house, my lips continued becoming more and more pink.

So I wanted to do another video review this morning. I moved out to the living room with windows, a sliding glass door, and 2 skylights, for more natural lighting, and I decided to talk to you all about games and other geeky stuff while letting the lip balm work its magic.

But then my grandma called and Iphone cut off my video just like that! NOOOOO….. I declined the call and started the camera back up. You can see I’m still in the same room, same place, wearing the same thing, same lighting in the room, not much time has passed, and I promise I haven’t put anything else on my lips. I talk to you for about 20 minutes about games and my recent health diagnosis as we watch the lipstick change colors. Sorry she called and ruined my video. Bummer. I wonder if there’s a setting on iphone to automatically decline calls when you’re using the camera… I will have to investigate further lol. Using video reviews is new to me, because I really hate the sound of my voice – I have tried to avoid doing many video reviews over the years as I lack confidence, not just my voice but my weight and other things too. But regardless or that aside, I think you’ll be seeing more video reviews around here, because it’s easier for me now with my health diagnosis, which I explain in the video below.

For those that don’t like watching videos, here are some remarks you can read about below.

I tried Winky Lux Lip Balm years ago when you had to buy it online. Back then the product I tried was a clear balm with a real rose at the bottom of the tube. It was also color changing pheromone lip balm like the product I’m reviewing today.

For today’s product, I just walked into target and picked it up off the shelf.

It cost $16 at my local Target. Which yes, granted it is expensive compared to other brands, but most other brands don’t change color and look unique on you with your pheromones. This lipstick looks different on every person. Which makes it worth a few more bucks maybe.

On me, it’s a natural subtle change.

The product name is Lavender Confetti – but it’s more pink I think? On me at least – again how it looks on you might be slightly different – I don’t know! 🙂 That’s the fun of it though.

Maybe it’s just a little marketing gimmick, but it does definitely work. You just have to give it a few minutes, it keeps intensifying as it reacts to your body’s pheromones.

It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s like a surprise, you won’t really know what it looks like on you, until you try it on! 🙂

I could never be a lip model because my lips are so thin lol. I don’t have big full lips – I wish I did lol. If I ever have a daughter someday, hopefully she’ll get her lips from her father and not from me lol 🙂

I have from time to time used lip plumping glosses too which really work. My grandma told me you can also rub cinnamon on your lips and I’ve heard of other wives tales too.

I know a few years ago the Kardashians or someone started a trend of sucking on the rim of a wine glass or something to plump your lips but that was proven to be dangerous I think – I never did try that one lol.

I almost never wear makeup. I’ve only had a full face of makeup twice in my life, and both times I had it done at a salon. I don’t know how to put on makeup honestly.

I haven’t been leaving the house as much I kinda have slipped into not putting anything on them, and then I’ve been going to the park to walk or watch my boyfriend play sports and it’s been in the 90s and sunny here… and I do use spray on sunscreen, but I SHOULD have been using SOMETHING on my lips too – I usually use banana boat SPF lip balm – but I haven’t used anything all summer…. And my lips look really bad – and feel really bad now lol…..

But immediately as I’m applying Winky Lux Lip Balm I can feel it moisturizing my lips – It’s not sticky or wet feeling at all… It has almost like a lotiony feeling?

My favorite thing though is how this lipstick tastes… It seriously tastes and smells like birthday cake – it’s so good lol. Reminds me of like back in the 90s those “lip smackers” candy flavored chapsticks lol. Even my cat comes over and wants to sniff my lips in one of the videos you can see above lol…

Overall, the color is subtle and not a big shock, which is great if you want to look natural! Other people might think you’re not wearing anything at all!

But if you’re expecting a bright pop of color or holographic hologram lips or sparkling lips or something more “out there” and “in your face” this is disappointing. I would think it’d give you a little bit of glitter because there IS glitter in it – but it really doesn’t transfer the glitter to your lips.

Overall though for a fun color changing product, I would recommend this. Part of the fun is just giving it a try and seeing how it looks on you, because everyone’s pheromones are different, which means the Winky Lux Lavender Confetti Lip Balm is different on everyone too!