Why Parents Prefer in Ground and Sunken Garden Trampolines

Why Parents Prefer in Ground & Sunken Garden Trampolines

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Trampolines are one of the most favorite games children of all ages look for every time you take them to a playground. Aside from the fun and enjoyment that it brings to the kids, parents enjoy it too because it keeps their children busy for hours and makes them tired so they go home and sleep, leaving mom and dad to enjoy a relaxed evening.

Based on researched they have many health benefits as well, which is why nowadays you can get them for both kids and adults. They offer an improved balance and coordination that helps with improvements in core strength (abdominal muscles), help increase the metabolism and provide an increased circulation of blood and oxygen to the vital parts of the organs. They also offer an improved bone density and an overall cardio workout for adults too and help them lose weight, all at the same time. Further information can be found on this website as well.

With so many advantages, it is no wonder a lot of parents have recently decided to invest in them especially due to the recent pandemic throughout the world. The necessity of staying at home, and for children not being able to go out and play, this one item has saved a lot of parents who can’t think of any activities for their kids. 

In-Ground or Sunken trampolines

When you first think about In-Ground or Sunken trampolines, you would imagine one that is sturdy and balanced on four, perhaps even five poles so kids don’t fall out, and is above ground in the middle of your garden, taking up lengths of space you don’t even have. However, the surprisingly amazing thing about these trampolines are, they also come in sunken varieties which are added into the ground. So, when you’re in the mood for some garden DIY, check out https://www.instructables.com/id/Sunken-Trampoline/ and try to consider adding one of these. 

The sunken types of trampolines are inserted into the ground, so the only visible part is the mat on the top, which is in level with the ground, and is flush so you can easily walk off it. The safety nets are also recommended for this type but need not be that high, like for the typical above ground types. 

Parents tend to prefer these types that are flush with the ground due to several reasons, which we will look at below.

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Reasons for Choosing the In-ground Over the Above-Ground ones

Let’s begin with the most obvious reason why parents like these kinds, and it relates to setting it up. In comparison to the normal types, these are easier to set up in your back yard. All you do is purchase it from the store, or online, it comes within instructions, you set it up, and start using it. No hassles or complicated nails or screws to insert anywhere or heavy machinery is needed for them.

Secondly, the main things you need are the trampoline mat itself and a safety enclosure, nothing else. No need for poles, or ropes to tie it anywhere to even metal stands to place underneath for stability. Hence, it is a lot more cost-effective for parents to invest in these types. Dare we say it’s easier to climb over too? You just step onto it and voila!

The third reason why parents prefer in ground trampolines in Ireland is because of the maintenance, which is much easier. Most often due to different weather conditions such as rain and sun hitting the metal poles and materials on the normal types, they tend to rust and damages or weaken very easily over time. with the in-ground ones, you don’t have that problem, and it is much easier to keep clean and cover from any weather conditions, plus if anything is wrong you will notice it immediately. 

Plus, you can easily move it or remove it completely during the winter seasons and store it away in the garage or storage room for summer. Of course, you will need to dig it out of the hole in the ground, but this can be easily done.

These types are also safer because if you’ll fall, you won’t be falling from any height, but will rather just topple over onto your bum, without hurting yourself too extensively. You may trip over yourself and fall onto the mat or the ground which is at the same level as each other so the damage is very minimal.

This is a good idea for parents who have small children, they prefer it because they can jump on it as much as they want to and won’t fall off anything but rather just bounce on the mat until they reach the sides and then mom or dad can lift them easily. 

All these reasons are why parents who have children of all ages have been grabbing those sunken garden play items rather than the typical ones. As all kid’s toys adult supervision is always recommended.