Which Anime Should I Watch Next? Top 5 Animes On Netflix

If you are an anime fan you know how difficult is to choose a good show which suits your particular tastes and you want to find a show which you can watch on Netflix since it is the most commonly used streaming service. Don’t worry we have got you covered.

Here is a list of Top 5 animes you can watch on Netflix. I am sure at least one of them will be the next anime on your watch list.

Starting from number 5 we have:-

5. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown is a Japanese anime available on Netflix produced by Production I.G. The whole anime revolves around the quest of humans fighting the apocalypse virus and stopping the secret organization “Daath” from destroying the earth.

Ouma Shu, the main protagonist of this anime is an ordinary student at a high school. Shu is troubled by his past regrets and his cowardliness. Through a turn of events, he meets  Inori Yuzurhia, a member of the organization “Funeral Parlor”. Shu saves Inori from “Endlave”, a man-made war robot. Shu has the powers of Void Genome.


(Image From The Legacy of Kakashi Wiki)

From here the journey of Ouma Shu fighting the apocalypse virus, protecting humanity and his beloved one starts.

The whole anime is packed with action, romance, and mystery, etc. It has a very well-written story and beautiful animation overall.

Guilty Crown consists of 22 episodes and 1 OVA episode and is available on Netflix

4. The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited

The Millionaire Detective is a new Japanese anime series available on Netflix based on a light novel produced by CloverWorks. The whole story of this anime revolves around a millionaire detective, solving cases by using his money but that is just the cover plot the hidden mystery is much deeper than this.


(Image From Otakukart)

Daisuke Kambe, the main protagonist of the series is the head of a wealthy family (Kambe). He enters into a public detective agency and solves cases with the influence of his money and with the help of his butler, HEUSC.

Daisuke has a stubborn and rude attitude due to his overwhelming wealth. He meets Haru Kato, a supporting character and an ordinary detective with a high sense of justice and morality. He greatly disagrees with Daisuke’s ideology that, “Money can buy everything”.

Daisuke’s encounter with Kato changes the way Daisuke perceives things around him and the life of Kato starts getting entangled in the dark history of the Kambe Family.

The anime is short yet quite interesting its main genre is mystery. This show would appeal to many people who like mysterious, thrilling, and convoluted storylines.

The Millionaire Detective consists of 11 episodes which you can stream on Netflix.

3. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is a Japanese anime series available on Netflix based on a light novel produced by Kyoto Animation. This whole anime revolves around a girl whose sole purpose of existence is to fight in the war, deprived of emotions and feelings. She is left to know herself and her past when the war is over.


(Image From The Global Coverage)

Violet Evergarden is also the name of the main female protagonist of this series. She was a war soldier unaware of anything except fighting but when the war ends she has nowhere to go.

Gilbert Bougainvillea is a Major in the army and is the main hero of the anime series. He adopts Violet and trains her.

To find herself and explore her so-called emotion, she takes a letter-writing job. These girls writing letters for others are called Auto Memory Dolls.

She finds many friends in the  Postal Company and learns about many things.

She is adored by her fans due to her innocence and cute character design. One can say that she has all the qualities to become a perfect, soft-hearted waifu. Speaking of soft-hearted waifus, you can get yourselves a soft and comfortable Anime body pillow exclusively from Waifu For Laifu.

Violet Evergarden has stunning animation, amazing characters, and a well-composed soundtrack. This anime series consists of 13 episodes and 1 OVA episode. You can watch all the episodes on Netflix.

2. One Punch Man

One Punch Man is a famous Japanese anime series based on a manga of the same name, produced by Madhouse. The whole anime revolves around the strongest man in the world and his adventures to find an intimidating foe for him.


(Image From GQ)

Saitama is the main protagonist of this series. Saitama was an ordinary man but due to his hard work and insane work-out, he became the most powerful man in the world (and lost all of his hair due to his intense workout).

He is called One Punch Man because he defeats his enemies with only a single punch. Saitama being the most powerful longs for a powerful and challenging foe so at least he can have some sense of fulfillment while fighting him.

Genos is the supporting character of this anime, he becomes the disciple of Saitama. Both of them are a part of Hero Association (an organization for fighting monsters and threats to humanity).

Genos sometimes practice with Saitama but every time he loses to Saitama and idolizes him due to his massive power.

Saitama is loved by his fans due to his overwhelming strength and funny reactions. 

One Punch Man consists of a unique and fun-looking animation style and it is something different and lies on the entertaining side of things. It has 2 seasons and 24 episodes in total which are available on Netflix.

1. Food Wars!

Food Wars is a Japanese anime series based on manga produced by J.C. Staff. The whole anime revolves around the adventures of young aspiring chefs making their way to the top culinary academy of the world.


(Image From Manga Tokyo)

Soma Yukhira, the main protagonist of the series, is a chef at his family restaurant. He has honed his skills by working for many years in his family restaurant. He embarks on his journey to get selected in the “Prestigious Totsuki Culinary Academy”.

Soma struggles to become the top chef and number one member of the elite ten council which Totsuki started.

Soma meets Nakiri Erina, a member of the elite ten council. She tastes his cooked meals and being stubborn calls it disgusting. Soma hurt by her remarks, swears to make her admit that his dishes are delicious.

Soma meets with many experienced and top-tier chefs throughout his journey. The whole anime has stunning animation, especially all the food animations are a treat to watch. It also has amazing character designs and most of all watching this anime raises your appetite.

Food Wars consists of 5 seasons and 86 episodes and 5 OVA episodes in total. You can catch it on Netflix.

With that said here was our list of 5 anime recommendations. We dearly hope that you enjoy these shows as much as we did. These are all available on Netflix. So what are you waiting for you start binging right away!

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