Uni Dream Is The Best AI Art Generator For Iphone

I am very much into AI Art. I don’t care what your opinion is.

AI Art is Art. Sorry not sorry. If I check my art on Google Lens, it tells me no results found. I am creating 100% new art that has never existed before. Yes, I understand some of them have been trained using images which were not explicitly given permission to be used but assumed to have been public domain. But that issue is between the artists and the app creators, not the users of these apps.

I have tested probably over 30 different apps and programs. Specifically on my mobile phone.

This past week I came upon my absolute favorite generator for Apple Iphone titled Uni Dream.

‎AI Art Generator – UniDream AI

‎Upload photos of yourself, create your own AI art generated avatars for free. UniDream is an AI art generator that provides text to art, AI profile avatar creator, and animated images or videos. Enter a prompt, pick an art style and watch Uni Dream turn your idea into life and generate art in second…


This app allows you to pay $24 for a year to generator 500 images each month. Pretty reasonable pricing. But what really makes it my favorite is the exceptionally high detailed high resolution of the AI Art it creates. It’s unlike any other app I’ve encountered. The artwork is beautiful.

Interestingly enough, Uni Dream – at least for now – appears to be uncensored. There are no words that are off limits etc. This I assume will change in the not too distant future for legal reasons I suppose.

I’m distancing myself somewhat from my previous AI accounts – setting up a new account just for Uni Dream art because it is so much more beautiful than any other app I have used. Prior to this I have used Photoleap and Dreamstudio. I have also explored Midjourney. But if you want to follow my new accounts, they are all pinned to my new twitter here.

After or around the same time of discovering Uni Dream, I also tried Starry.ai, Artist.ai, Dream by WOMBO, Dream Art, PicSo, and Meitu. Among numerous others.

None compare to Uni Dream. I am officially addicted.

Extra images can also be purchased if you run out of credits. I went ahead and purchased 100 credits and tried some things again just now to sprinkle in my blog post here.

Tell me, can YOU tell that these images are generated by AI?

Not your momma’s AI. This is the stuff of the future right here. Look at how big, and how high res, and how detailed this stuff is.