The best team shooters you might like

The shooter genre is one of the most popular and frequently chosen gameplay formats for single player and teamwork.

The fact is that shooters always provide adrenaline and quick results from their own actions, and this is the main secret of their popularity.

To pass a level, or to complete a quest in online versions, you need to shoot accurately, think about your actions and simply be active in order to succeed and stay alive.

The genre always forces you to experience adrenaline and enjoy your actions, especially if you play as a team and solve complex joint actions, such as raids, assaults on positions, battles with terrorists, or confrontations with special forces, as Destiny 2 carries.

Rainbow Six Siege

This is a project from Ubisoft, which invites players to plunge into the confrontation between terrorists and special forces, taking the basic mechanics of CS GO, but adding new features and ideas to them.

Firstly, the project has become almost completely destructible, which already changes the rules of the game, since with proper reconnaissance you can simply cover the terrorists with heavy fire, or even destroy part of the building for a safe assault and save the lives of personnel.

Secondly, there is a system of agents and the use of shelters, protruding and other tactical techniques that allow you to add realism during police assaults and fighting between terrorists and police special forces.

You will find constant dynamics, explosions, smoke screens and major assaults through doors, walls and even the roof to solve the problem and clear bombs and rescue hostages.

Destiny 2

A project from the Bungie company, which has already given the gaming industry the Halo series and the first part of Destiny, and all of them are related to the mechanics of a shooter, MMO RPG and the exploration of space, planets and repelling an alien invasion.

The general concept of the project is that it is a classic MMO RPG, with three heroes and the ability to shoot at opponents.

According to the game plot, the inhabitants of the earth are attacked by an alien invasion and all the heroes immediately go to defense.

The titans – the defenders and founders of the main city – enter the battle. Heavily armored fighters with the ability to summon a blocking shield that will block most incoming damage and even grenades unless they fly over their back. The side is also open, and you always need to control all areas of the battle, not just the front.

Warlocks will also come to the rescue – seekers of knowledge and fighters against evil in favor of good due to the constant desire for light and the fight against darkness.

These are shooters with a penchant for magic and the ability to inflict increased damage with it and, conversely, use the power of magic for good, to heal allies and weaken the enemy.

Hunters will come to the rescue as the most trained shooters who wandered the desert for a long time and learned to survive, and then began to carry out contracts and tasks, providing D2 boosting and helping all allies as special forces fighters.

Regardless of the hero you choose, you will go through the storyline, repel the attack and go on the attack yourself and knock out the aliens from your native lands, so that you can then independently begin to explore space and discover new lands and planets.

You will also destroy the leaders of the invading armies, for this you will have to go to raids and strikes – difficult dungeons that need to be cleared with extreme caution, because the bosses will use special attacks and strong techniques in order to prevent your attack on themselves.

It is in such places that the best equipment and armor for your heroes are obtained, regardless of class, and boosting in Destiny 2 is ensured, since a lot of experience is awarded for killing such bosses.

CS 2

If you like the classic and linear confrontation between terrorists and special forces, then you will like CS 2 – a new version of the famous shooter from Valve, which began its history from CS 1.6 and reached the new update.

Of course, not everyone liked the updated graphics and color correction, however, it is this version that will displace CS GO on the eSports scene, so it’s better to get used to it now.

CS 2 is a team shooter in which four factors play a major role:

  1. Economics.
  2. Shooting.
  3. Teamwork.
  4. Grenades.


In CS 2, money is awarded for each kill depending on the weapon with which it was committed, there are also rewards for the round itself, planting and defusing a bomb, and so on.

You need to buy your own weapons, body armor and grenades in order to fully fight.

When the entire team does not have enough money to purchase full-fledged weapons, an economic round is held, which the team is ready to lose without weapons, or rather have little chance of winning, and in return, fully purchase all the equipment in the next round and try to turn the situation in their favor.

The sniper rifle is the most expensive, and brings the least amount of money per kill, but it is the most lethal weapon, which almost always kills the enemy with one shot.


You need to learn to shoot in the head and then your rounds will be winning more often, because in team games you need not only to rely on your allies, but also to contribute to the overall victory.

Train onetaps – this is a kill with one cartridge – useful for USP, Glock, AK and M4. This approach will help you, using your reaction and trained accuracy, win many shootouts, including spontaneous ones.


Communicate and communicate within your team.

If you can’t or don’t want to use a microphone in a conversation, then either write commands in the chat, or use prepared phrases that are in CS 2. As a last resort, just follow the command, or listen to their conversations to understand the attack vector for the terrorists, or the state of affairs on defense while playing on special teams.


Many players neglect grenades, although it is they and their use that raise your gameplay to a new level.

You can blow up opponents, set fire to the ground in front of them, preventing them from moving without losing health, spread smoke to reduce visibility and make it difficult to escape through it, and stun grenades to blind or disorient the enemy.