My Cute Kawaii Rainbow AI Anime Art Of Children With Animals

Being a 90s girl, I love Lisa Frank and my latest set of AI Artificial Intelligence Generated Images created using a mobile app named Unidream express that love for cute animals and bright vivid rainbow colors. I started with just puppies, but quickly began exploring other animals.

And please save your breath. Even if the AI systems were trained using “stolen art” they are creating brand new art that is different from whatever was stolen and I honestly don’t give an eff. Sorry not sorry. I’m making art. If you disagree too bad, so sad. read more

Why Iphone 6 Plus is the best Smartphone for Female Gamers

I’m currently lusting after an Iphone 6 Plus, but by time I fulfill my contract, to get the upgrade discount, I’m pretty sure the Iphone 7 will be out. I’ve never owned an Iphone. I had androids for years, ever since the first motorola droid, with the slide out keyboard. About a year ago now I bought a windows phone. I’m always an early adopter of technology, but windows is very disappointing in two areas. First, the app store, no good games, despite, Microsoft’s recent announcement that windows 10 will allow developers to easily port their games to the platform at just the switch of a button. Secondly, no accessories available for the phone in store, some may be available online, but really, I feel jealous of all the cool accessories and cute beautification elements that go into the Iphone.

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I own an Ipad 2 (the old one, before “Air”) and the app store on Ipad is amaze-balls. There are so many free Otome games and Visual Novels. I’ve realized that I’m more of a casual gamer these days. Maybe I’ll write a blog post about that sometime too. Don’t get me wrong, I love my PC and Console games too, but we’re seeing so many great mobile titles lately, especially asian developed titles (anime games, rpgs, visual novels, otome games, dating sims, etc). The App store has hundreds if not thousands of these styles of games which get often neglected in the next gen consoles and PC lineups.

I love my Ipad and play it daily… and yet… since it’s the Wifi only model… and also due to size/weight, It just is not practical to always have on my person, the way an Iphone would be… For breaks at work, lunch, commutes, waiting rooms at appointments, or while waiting for food in a restaurant, etc.

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The Ipad also can’t be customized as cutely, and femininely as the Iphone.

They also make cute wallets and clutches to carry your Iphone, and your ID, and maybe 2 or 3 credit/debit cards and some money. — I had similar wallets like this for my Galaxy Note. But I have not found any for my Windows phone.

The larger screen of the Iphone Plus, makes it better for gamers who spend a large amount of time looking at their screens.

My next phone for sure will be an Iphone. I keep entering contests (not the scammer ones lol just legit ones), and hoping and praying to win one, or enough moola to buy one, before my contract expires next year.

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However, the Iphone 7 is looking to be even better for us girls, who, if you’re like me, LOVE taking photos. That’s because rumor has it that Iphone 7 will feature a much improved camera, using multiple sensors, to aid in low-light photography and image stabalization technology (already present in the Iphone 6 Plus).

If you’re a female gamer, who likes any of the above mentioned styles of games, or regards your phone as a fashion accesory, the Iphone is the ONLY way to go, in my opinion. And if you’re worried you might miss some of your existing android apps, check out BlueStacks which allows you to play android games on your PC. I use it to play Soccer Spirits, because that game doesn’t run well on my Ipad. But you can access any game on the google play store (you still have to pay if you want to play a paid game). Unlike other Android emulators, the playstore is built directly into Bluestacks and its very easy to use without having to patch or create other work arounds which may be difficult for non techsavy gamers.

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