Sony PS4 Ultimate Player Edition with 1TB Harddrive Is Coming Soon

The PS4 Ultimate Player Edition brings with it the following improvements to the system’s hardware:

8% power savings
10% lighter weight
And most excitingly, a 1TB Harddrive.

In an unprecedented move, Sony announced the console will be heading to Europe first with a release date of July 15th, and gave no word on when or if a US release will happen.

Many news outlets suspect that Sony may delay the release of the Ultimate Player Edition within the US to deplete their inventory of existing PS4 units already on the shelves.

No pricing information was available nor did they indicate if any games, controllers, or accessories would be added as a bonus in the new unit.

Also amidst this exciting news, another announcement was made that they will be overhauling the 500gb model to have a new matte finish and be also 10 percent lighter weight and 8 percent more power efficient. The 500gb model will now come standard in either black or glacier white.

As a final announcement, Sony is updating their IOS and Android playstation app to allow players to redeem PSN gift cards without turning on their consoles.