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Get Rich From Your Junk Mail and Spam with DealSpotr

You know the saying, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure? Well, never has that saying been so literal, than with DealSpotr. I just joined yesterday and I’m already half way to my first reward! Now, catchy headlines aside, I know you won’t really get rich using this site – however, you will quickly earn amazon giftcards with very little time or effort. And I’m going to show you how.

Dealspotr is a great website that lets you share coupons, sales, or other deals with the Dealspotr community. By sharing these discounts you get points which can be exchanged for things like amazon giftcards. You can get a $10 amazon gift card for every 10,000 points. Great! You’re thinking, but How Long does it take to earn those points?

Well since I’m a “Pro Blogger” member on Dealspotrif you sign up under me you’ll get 5,000 points! Which is already half way to your first reward. I also signed up under another blogger. Hey, we bloggers gotta stick together, right? Plus if not for her, I wouldn’t have even heard of Dealspotr. I’ve made Dealspotr my number one banner ad in my side bar. But you can also sign up right here:

Now once you get yourself registered you can earn points in a few different ways:

Posting new deals – this is the best way to get points. But how do you find these deals? That’s the easy part! Just look in your junk mail (or maybe even your inbox.) I get over 500 emails a day on my personal account, not including my work emails! How many of those are emails that are actually important to me? Maybe 10-20 emails a day lol. Well now I can turn that “Junk Mail” Into “Treasure Mail”

To add a new deal, simply hit the green Add Deal button at the top of DealSpotr page – Then you must decide is this for a single product (Such as “Iphone 4 for $299” from one of my emails today) or is this a sale that applies either to all products or a group of products – you get the most points for “store wide sales” but anything adds up, so share as much as you can! – It will ask you for some information, a screenshot of the email, the promo code (or link if no code is required) and the expiration date (if included). You also get more points for adding multiple images or more details in the description.

If your deal becomes “Hot” or “On Fire” (that is people are “spotting it” or using it, or commenting on it) you get bonus points!

How many points you will get will vary – deals vary from awarding 25 to even 800 points – also if you’re a blogger and your blog and social channels get enough traffic that it qualifies you for a pro blogger status, you will earn DOUBLE those points FOR LIFE. Also there are numerous “preferred” stores where if you post a deal you get DOUBLE the points — if you’re a pro blogger that’s like QUADRUPLE points!! So you COULD get 3,200 points for just ONE deal — But to bring you back to reality for a moment – most deals are going to give you around 100-200 points.

Now keep in mind you need 10,000 points to snag a $10 amazon gift card — if you get let’s say 100 points for each deal you post – you’d get a gift card after sharing 100 deals. — It will actually be quicker than that though because as I mentioned when you post a hot deal, you get bonus points. I got 120 bonus points when my first deal went hot today. So I’d say, if you’re posting good deals, you probably only need to share 40-50 deals to get that giftcard.

Now granted, that sounds like a lot of work – so let’s see how else we earn points on DealSpotr. Also I must tell you that they keep the coupons fresh and working and clean on the site, and that when you first start with DealSpotr they will limit you to just posting a few deals a day – once they see you’re posting good working deals though this limit is removed, and you can post as many deals as you wish.

You can also earn points by “Spotting” other deals posted by other users. Each day you get a small amount of “spots” – think of spots as a “facebook like” it just means you like that deal. to “Spot” a deal use the chevron “^” looking button beneath each deal. If you are the first to “spot” a deal and it becomes “Hot” or “On Fire” you get more points!

You can also get points by reporting or “flagging” coupons that are no longer working. – This is subject to verification and may take awhile to get your points. I reported one yesterday and it still hasn’t been removed or points awarded.

There’s also a bit of delay with receiving points. Sometimes 15-30 minutes after posting a deal or completing a checkout. The points will show in my activity tracker but they will not actually show in my total for a little bit – the wait is not bad though. It’s probably a script that runs every X minutes to pass out the points. I’ve never had to wait extraordinary long to collect.

You also earn “Rep” which awards bonus points for all of your activities – you get this by being active, logging in each day, completing your checklist, sharing good working deals, spotting or sharing deals which become hot, etc.

This screenshot (in the featured image at the top of this blog post) was taken less than 24 hours after joining DealSpotr. In that time I’ve shared a few deals, spotted others, flagged non working coupons, and became a pro blogger – whew. I am officially addicted to DealSpotr. — I would really love for you to join me.

I am posting a lot of really cute, kawaii, geeky, etc coupons. For things like Kigurumi, anime, video games, dolls, toys, etc.

So think of this, not only will you get free giftcards, but you’ll find deals on stuff that you already want to buy!! Win/Win!

Join using my link and you’ll get 5,000 points!


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