Ability to Choose Theme – Postponed

We are adding the ability to allow you to choose different themes for viewing the blog via the main site www.GeekySweetie.com. In preparation for this we will be activating some themes (in order to place widgets or modify some lines of code). If things are not looking or working as you may expect, this could be the reason.

This post will be updated once the new features (and themes) are in place.

Right after deciding to do this, they released WordPress 4.5 literally seconds after this post went live – which makes some themes look funky. This may be a process spanning a few days. Thank you for your patience.

We’ve decided to postpone this feature indefinitely for a few different reasons:

1.) Maintaining multiple themes will put more stress on the servers, as well as take more manpower/time/energy to make sure themes are up to date and when new updates are made that they don’t break or conflict with anything else on the site.

2.) Plugin to allow anonymous users to choose a theme still has quite a few bugs – took it for a test drive tonight and noticed a few quirks which may just be a result of the wordpress update to 4.5 today /shrugs

3.) Realized how quickly the themes become obsolete – I deleted most of our themes today. From 60+ to under 20 themes which were still functioning as they should. – Once again could be due to the update today.

4.) Questioned how often users would use this feature – while it’s fun and offers a layer of personalization, would a new visitor to the site even understand how to switch themes or even care or would they just prefer less clutter and to just read the information they’re seeking and leave?

So for now this lil project is on hold.

I’ve switched back to our current “default” theme and reset all the widgets in place so everything should be functioning for you guys.

Hey if nothing else, this was a good spring cleaning to get rid of those older themes. so yay.

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