PlayHouse Mobile Design Game Review

PlayHouse is a newly released free mobile game focused on interior design and home decor challenges and missions featuring real life brands.

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Gameplay is simple, creative, fun, and relaxing. Follow the mission prompts to design a room using both required and optional pieces.

Check out some of my screenshots of my first few tutorial and Halloween designs below and throughout this post:

You can drag and drop and rotate items as you please.

You can also go above and beyond and keep adding more items even when all required and optional items have already been added.

Voting takes 24 hours. You can also help vote on designs from your fellow players to earn tickets to keep playing.

One small complaint I have is that it is visually difficult to tell who is first, second, third, etc. You can see your own score. But I don’t think you can see the scores of your opponents.

A quote from the in game frequently asked questions has the following to say about scoring and voting:

“All of the Projects submitted in PLAYHOUSE are reviewed by real players across the PLAYHOUSE community! The scores and results of each design are directly tied to feedback from you and other designers.

You can start rating designs by tapping on the star icon found in the bottom navigation menu. When rating, you’ll be presented with two designs to pick from. Your goal is to select the design that not only looks the best, but accurately follows each Project’s prompt. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten what the prompt was, as you’ll see it in the center of your screen.

As you and the PLAYHOUSE community rate designs, the scores of each design rise and fall until the rating period closes. Rating Results, prizes and experience are then delivered to your Inbox!”

So far Ive only obtained one 5 star design. It is challenging, but that also makes it fun!

I’m not sure I like how long you have to wait for results. I think it’s a bit excessive. I think a 5 or 10 hour timer would work better than a 24 hour timer. But the longer timer is great for more casual gamers who don’t login more than once a day.

Check out PlayHouse and let me know what you think!