Music Review – What Am I Listening To This Week 6/6/2021

It’s been a hot minute since I did one of these posts. As you know from my previous music posts, I typically just embed a bunch of youtube videos of what I’ve been listening to this week. I warn you, I have VERY eclectic musical tastes. I listen to legit everything – even in languages I legit don’t understand – everything from country, to rap, pop, folk, house, r&b, kpop, indian stuff, jpop – whatever. I listen to everything from mainstream radio faves to current indie underground sleeper hits to 90s to 80s 60s even whatever. LETS DO THIS. lol. I’m just sitting here doing laundry and watching youtube like that.

Sometimes I feature songs again, because 1.) I listen to old and new stuff – and 2.) I forget wtf I shared with you guys before LOL.

Here we go!

1.) Riton X Nightcralwers – Friday Dopamine Re-edit

I feel like I shouldn’t like this, because it’s honestly silly and stupid and just funny…. but I think that’s part of it’s charm I hope? LOL. I dunno why but I just discovered it and listened to it 3 times. I love Friday – it’s my favorite day of the week. “It’s Friday THEEEEENNNN Saturday and Sunday Yeah” (that’s pretty much all it says over and over – with really goofy dancing lol. And throw in a few lines about partying and drinking and you have a summer anthem (for most people… for me, I don’t drink – and only dance in trusted company because I’m terrible and I’m shy AF, and also don’t like parties. But you know what – I still like Fridays YEAH so bring on Friday THEN Saturday and Sunday Yeah – LOL.

Bonus: You know what this song reminds me of? Anyone remember Friday by Rebecca Black? It’s terrible… lol… but Glee actually made it pretty nice. I jam out sometimes to the Glee version lol. It’s my dirty little secret. – I’ve also never watched Glee LOL.

2.) Forest Blakk – If You Love Her

I especially like his acoustic version. It’s so heart moving.

Of course the original is good too – just more auto tuned lol.

And a collab with Meghan Trainor

3.) Sam Fischer, Demi Lovato – What Other People Say

This song is awesome. I haven’t heard it yet on the radio, but I expect it to blow up real soon.

4.) Area 51 – La La La

Very small indie band – only 76,000 subscribers on youtube as of this post. This song is awesome though. Apparently judging by the comments, lots of people found it by an ad on youtube? I just saw it under my suggested videos not as an ad. Either way, check it out.

5.) MAMAMOO – Where Are We Now

This song just dropped 5 days ago. You can turn on English Subtitles. It’s very emotional.

There’s already fans doing english covers:

There’s already fans creating English covers of Mamamoo’s Where Are We Now:

This one’s not English, but she has a beautiful voice – almost as good as the original:

6.) Sarah Barrios + Eric Nam – Have We Met Before?

I really like Eric Nam – he has a very emotional sounding voice. I’ve shared other songs by him before on my blog. I’d not heard of Sarah Barrios, but I just subscribed. Her voice is very unique. You’ll either like it or hate it. I like it.

7. Henry X LeeHi Cover – Like I’m Gonna Lose You

Not their original song obviously, but they sound so nice. I like their version of this song better than the original.

For those wondering, the original song is by Meghan Trainor and John Legend. Who do you think sang it better?

8.) B.I – Illa, Illa

Just discovered this artist. Apparently, he used to be part of a group. Was gone from the KPOP scene for a few years. And now back as a solo artist and got over 15 million views in 24 hours on this song which is now around 30 million views. Clearly, he’s one to watch.

9.) Munn – Need You To Believe

New song last month – I had actually never heard of this artist. Now listening to all of his stuff. Check him out.

10.) Hayd – Superhero

What kind of geeky blog would I be if I didn’t help promote this beautiful sad piano piece that name drops all of the famous superheros. It’s so sad and beautiful. I just discovered this artist (from another one of his songs). Every song he has is wonderful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Bonus: Here are some of his other songs that I really enjoyed. Lets take a moment to enjoy his beautiful voice and touching lyrics.

11.) Bren Joy – Insecure

The lyrics of this song are very deep if you listen to them. He has a nice high pitch voice too.

12. Zoe Wees – Hold Me Like You Used To

This is super sad. You can feel her pain – written and performed for her deceased great grandma.

13.) Ty Dolla $ign – By Yourself

I like the message in this song – it’s all about female empowerment. Girl Power. Appropriate for my blog dedicated to girl gamers. Where my girls at? 🙂

14.) Cheat Codes – Lean On Me

The chorus to this song is so catchy – I haven’t heard it on the radio yet surprisingly – it seems like one they’d pick up especially for the summer.

15.) BRDGS – Better Days

Almost no one knows of this band with only 3,000 subscribers on Youtube. Their voice is beautiful and the meaning in the message of this song is one the world needs to hear right now.

Bonus: Here are some other great songs by BRDGS. Please check them out. This band deserves so much more love.

16.) The Weeknd – Save Your Tears

I like a lot of songs by the Weeknd. I just bought tickets to go see him in concert next year. This is my favorite song by him though. I love both the original and the remix with Ariana Grande.

Bonus: Some of my other favorite Weeknd Songs:

17. BTS – Butter

I didn’t like this song when it first came out. I like BTS a lot. I’m not at all their biggest fan or ARMY – I can only name 2 or 3 of the members lol. But I like everything they put out. When I first heard this though, I was not too sure. But I dunno, over time, it grew on me. I don’t like it as much as Dynamite (their only other (non-collab) English track) or as well as their Korean songs. But… Butter isn’t bad. I like the Cooler Remix best. There’s also a Hotter and Sweeter Remix. They slow it down in the remixes and I can understand the lyrics better.

Bonus: Other Favorite BTS Songs (and covers):

They even make Christmas Music Look Sexy LOL – Seriously WTF LOL

18. Vance Joy – Missing Piece

This new Vance Joy song just dropped 2 weeks ago. I always love his voice. He’s unlike anyone else out there.

Bonus: Other Favorite Vance Joy Songs

19. James Bay + Lewis Capaldi Let It Go / Someone You Loved

I like both of these songs – and they mash up pretty well together.

Bonus: James also sings his song live with Ed Sheeran

20.) Lily Allen – Somewhere Only We Know

OK I have loved this song for a long time – but never watched the video… It’s awesome. So much 2D hand drawn animation and miniature modeling. I’ll just leave this here to close up for tonight. May you have sweet dreams.