Is Set from Smite Overpowered?

Is Set from Smite Overpowered?

There is nothing more frustrating than fighting a battle that you are going to lose from the beginning. It feels pointless and it takes all the fun away. That is sometimes how we feel while playing vs Set. It seems like the damage he deals is from another planet, so it’s no surprise that ProClockers has ranked him as the top character in the game. In a matter of seconds, your HP goes from 100-0. To many people, this feels a bit too powerful. Even if Set is supposed to be the best god in the game, this doesn’t justify him being unfairly strong. We decided to play many games with him, just to see if he is as overpowered as we think. If even we can dominate the game with him then everyone can.

Who is Set?

First, we are going to see what are Set’s abilities make him so powerful. 

Let us take them one by one


This ability gives him a stack of Relentless every time Set attacks an opponent. He can get up to 10 of these stacks and with every one of the stacks, his attack speed is increased by 2.5%. This means that at full stacks, he will have a +25% attack speed buff. The stacks have no cap while Kingslayer is active. 

1st Ability-Skewer

This is his typical wave clear ability. Set throws a projectile forward that damages and slows his enemies. What is interesting is that his spawns (2nd ability) dash to this location dealing a percentage of your damage to the enemy. 

2nd Ability-Spawn of Set

This is where things get interesting. Set conjures a Spawn of himself made of sand that will stay still and attack any enemies that are in range. Set has 2 charges of this ability and he can have up to 8 of them summoned at the same time. There are many synergies between this ability and the others that Set has.

3rd Ability-Sandstorm

Set creates a sandstorm around him that makes him immune to slows, reduces the physical damage he takes by 15%, and deals damage to an area around him. You can use this ability to teleport to one of your spawns, if you target them while pressing the ability, or after you have used it. Set can only teleport once per Sandstorm.


This ability is like an all-around power-up. It gives him increased movement speed and when he is attacking the enemies they gain a Mark of Set. At 4 Marks they explode, taking damage, healing Set for a percentage of this damage, and giving him a charge of Spawn of Set. The excess spawns are being summoned automatically.

Now that you know exactly what his abilities do, you can understand what is the thing that makes him overpowered. First of all, he can escape and battle just by using Sandstorm. If you want to kill him you need to have clear communication and a hard disabler on your team. But escaping isn’t what he does best. What he does best is running at you and killing you with what seems like a billion spawns. Even the tankiest heroes are easy pray for him if he has his ultimate activated. 

Is Set Overpowered?

Set is not Overpowered. Even though he is probably the strongest god in the game, that doesn’t mean that he is too strong. It is quite hard to master his toolkit since it has a high-skill celling. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of time investment to get good with Set. His abilities are hard to land, and if you don’t pay attention to your positioning, you are going to fall victim to sudden ganks from the enemy. Of course, when Set uses his ultimate he seems invisible, but that’s when you have to lock him down to finish him, otherwise, he will heal up.