Instagram Insights: Monitor your Instagram profile

Instagram Analytics can provide you with information about your followers. To see the statistics of your profile, the platform provides a native tool called Instagram Insights.

A necessary condition to access its features is the creation of a business account. The types of Instagram Analytics to which we will have access are two: the account statistics, and the data of the single post or story.

Regarding Instagram Insights for the account we can check the following statistics:

  • Impression
  • Post coverage
  • Click to the website
  • Total visits

As for the published posts, we have the following metrics available:

  • Like, comments
  • Number of people who added the post to saved items
  • Views
  • Actions (profile visits, site clicks …)
  • Finally, only the Instagram stories remain where we can see views, coverage and the number of responses received.

Also, use external Instagram Analytics tools

In addition to Instagram Insights, there are many tools that can give you more interesting information. A few examples? The interaction rate, new followers, unfollows and inactive profiles. Having a deeper insight into your profile will increase the chances of increasing free Instagram followers on Instagram. The best analytics tools on the market right now include:

Among the tools presented in this list, Ninjalytics is the one that best suits the needs of a single project, perhaps with a small initial budget, the other tools are more suitable for web agencies or, in any case, for projects with the management of multiple Instagram accounts.

All of these analytics tools for Instagram provide valuable and highly informative information that can help you learn more about your audience.

This data can also highlight which content leads to an increase in followers, such as an improvement in sales on Instagram, etc.

Get Instagram followers with Follow / Unfollow: if and how to do it

The follow/unfollow on Instagram is today a much debated growth strategy: its detractors will tell you that it is not ethical at all and that it only offers an apparent increase in Instagram followers; its supporters, on the other hand, will decant you the successes obtained by using this technique. More free Instagram likes are also needed.

As is often the case, the truth lies somewhere in between.

In a nutshell, it is simply a matter of starting to follow Instagram profiles, waiting for them to notice us and return the follow, and then take it off.

Can you use a bot to increase Instagram followers?

Handmade is very cumbersome and difficult, which is why almost anyone who uses this technique relies on bots: external software that operates in the name and on behalf of your profile, leaving and removing followers throughout the day.

But be careful: it is a practice frowned upon by Instagram and you can risk problems with the account, even the closure of the profile. It also requires you to give your login details to third parties, so make sure you make a careful choice.

Abusing follow/unfollow on Instagram risks giving your profile a bad reputation but, if done well and in limited quantities, it can lead to satisfying results. In fact, the people who follow you will be real followers, and if you have targeted the audience well, they will be in your niche.

How to follow/unfollow ethically?

First rule: don’t follow a huge amount of random profiles. Select your target within the niche you are in.

Second rule: choose profiles with a low number of following (attention, not followers). The more people you follow, the harder it will be to get noticed in the roundup of posts and get a like or an interaction.

Third rule: do not remove the follow immediately. Enter a study phase to see if the new employee interacts with your posts. If his engagement rate is high, reserve him a place among your following (attention, you can follow a maximum of 7000 profiles).

This is a strategy that can give a growth input to the profile and help you increase Instagram followers free but only if accompanied by a quality content creation. Seeing is believing!