Get Paid Writing About Anime
Get Paid Writing About Anime

Get Paid Writing About Anime

You can get paid writing about games and anime. I will share some secrets with you. Understand, that you will not get rich; you likely will not be able to quit your day job, BUT you WILL get paid, for doing something you already are probably doing online. And this small change does add up to as much as 100-150 extra each month that you can use to fund you anime and gaming hobby! 🙂

This guide is under construction and will be expanded upon in the near future.

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Table of Contents

I. Postloop – Earn cash posting in Forums and Blogs about topics that YOU choose!

II. Bubblews – Blogsite and Community that Pays for Page Views – NO LONGER PAYS

III. – It’s like Facebook, but it pays you for how many friends you have

IV. Izea – Monetize Your Blog, Social Media Feeds, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, and Facebook!

V. iWriter – Paid Writing Assignments – Review Coming Soon

VI. ChatAbout – Chat About Anything and Get Paid – Get $5 Just for signing up!

My first tip is PostLoop. This site is PERFECT for anime and videogame enthusiasts. You do NOT take writing assignments, or have to chat about anything that you don’t already love chatting about. Instead, you sign up for multiple blogs and forums (viewable from within the postloop site). These blogs and forums cover a wide range of topics from anime and videogames, to physical fitness, cars, financial, dating, or gardening, just to name a few. Choose only the forums and blogs which capture your interests.

Some of the sites may have certain requirements before letting you join. Namely your post quality score. When you first join Post Loop you must join their post loop portal forum. Here you will make your initial posts and be given a score based on your post quality. When you graduate from their starting grounds (after making your first 10 posts), you will no longer earn money from this forum section. It’s time to move on and find new forums (and blogs) to join. But the forum you want to join requires you to have a 4.6 post quality score and yours is only 3.5. What do you do? Try joining other forums which focus on similar topics and keep active and keep writing. You can receive a review once you have written 5 posts on a forum, and the forum owner giving you the review also gets some bonus points, so this encourages them to review you. Sometimes though, some owners don’t review you at all, or may not review you until you’ve been there for weeks, don’t worry, just keep posting, you’re still earning money, while working towards your goal of joining better and better forums.

Check the available sites often, as new sites are constantly added to the list, and old sites cycle in and out as their site owners add or remove funds from their accounts. Just keep active and you will make money. I’ve only been on the site for 3 months, and only regularly post in 1 forum, and occasionally in 2 or 3 other sites, and have made over $50 dollars. I just cashed out again today. Minimum cash out is $5 and payments are made via paypal within typically 24 hours (usually much quicker than that).

I love Post Loop above all other sites because of the freedom it gives you to choose what you want to talk about. It’s the only site of it’s kind where YOU pick what you want to write, and conversation is natural. Not only do you make money, but you make friends! and share your favorite hobbies together. It’s so great that I post more and more even after I’ve hit my daily limits for each site. I am totally addicted to Post Loop. But the awesome thing is, that you don’t HAVE to be addicted, you can just hit the daily limit of 10 posts a day per site (some sites even offer unlimited posts per day for maximum earning potential). Each post is worth 1.5 points at time of this review. and with my current quality score, I earn an additional 0.50 points on each post. With 2 points per post, I only need to make 50 posts to reach cash out. I typically post at least 20 posts a day, so I’m cashing out about 3 times a week.

And for other forum and blog owners, Post Loop helps you jump start your website for free with a free traffic exchange. You can exchange your points for traffic to your site instead of cashing out via paypal.

I would love to meet you on all of the great community sites at Post Loop. Stop by and check it out today.

social network that pays you
social network that pays you is a site that’s like Facebook, but you make money based on how many friends you have. You can find many people who share your interests, including gamers and anime fans. The pay out is very low. You will not make good money here until you have a lot of friends in your network. But still, if you’re writing anime and game reviews, you can always use this site to share your reviews that you’ve already written, and point the traffic back to your own site or blog, or other money making site, like bubblews, and get extra page views. Therefore, it’s still a great tool to have in your writing arsenal. I am not super active on due to the low payment structure and amount of effort needed (referring or finding friends, etc). I still think it’s a great opportunity though and you don’t want to miss out. Every little bit of extra money helps, and if all you’re doing is linking to content you’ve created elsewhere, it really is not that hard. features a truly elegant minimalistic layout. It looks great, works fast, and really does pay. Check them out to get started for free.

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Izea is a great way to monetize whatever you’re already doing online. You can monetize almost every social media network, including, but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vine, Linkedin, Flickr, Instagram, and more. You set your own price and hunt for jobs in their online marketplace. Join Izea and start monetizing your social media today.

Chat about anything that you like! Including games, anime, and much more. They are running a promo right now that gives you $5 just for signing up. It’s like facebook, you can search for topics, and post short comments – the payout is not great, but it’s fun, if you are already chatting about anime – why not get paid for it right?


  1. alakazam

    Postloop seems rather complicated for me. As a forum owner, i have tried it and it didn’t have the expected results. I couldn’t get any members to remain active after they’ve finished posting the threads they were paid to post. I wonder if there are any better ways of finding active members…

    • GeekySweetie

      Sorry to hear postloop didn’t work out for you 🙂 I only post on forums that I’m genuinely interested in, and I usually post (way) more than the minimum required posts. I actually read an article on the postloop help forums (might even be a sticky thread) by a community member who actually gets mad when people post more than the minimum required posts, and she has a lengthy help page, offering “advice” to new users. This could be why a lot of people don’t like to post over the requirements. Or they’re saving their posts for the next day to make more money. I’m sure there are lots of better ways to promote a forum, probably some of the easiest ways are to just keep posting there yourself, get your friends and family to post, or make multiple accounts, etc and get them posting. Try to post things for your topic that you think people might be searching for on google, use tags, and title of the thread to boost SEO, get a lot of back links by joining other forums and putting the site in your sig, even if you aren’t getting many clicks, it’s going to help boost your rank in google, and other search engines. Put your link everywhere, if you have a facebook, put it there, if you have business cards, and your forum is on topic for that, put it there, network with other people both online and off, and just keep promoting your forum. Online ads are good too, but if you have a dead forum most people will just bounce out again, so you need to have a userbase before investing in spending money for the ads. Postloop helps get that initial user base. And it’s also free if you’re posting in other people’s forums, since you can then convert your points into free traffic for your site :). I think depending on the topic, stumble and reddit can be good too for increasing traffic to the forum, or to specific threads. Goodluck with your forum 🙂

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